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Jeremy Hart

Cy_Borg Foe Cards

Concept: “A new foe for your Cy_Borg game! Presented as an A5 DIY-printable card with multiple variations (300dpi .PNGs, easy to mix and match). + DIY-printable paper mini design. + 500px VTT token.”
Content: Multiple enemies provided with stats, loot, tactical information, background/lore, and plot seeds for how & where each enemy might appear so as to threaten a table of punks. Multiple .png images with ‘front’ and ‘back’ file iterations to serve as two sides of a card.
Writing: Lots of helpful information to make each enemy feel ‘familiar’ to players and their characters, complemented by tactics that can help a GM implement the enemy feel like a vicious bastard.
Art/Design: Numerous variations of the images have different, often bright, color schemes. ‘Front’ image displays an illustration of the enemy/creature in the center of the image, surrounded by text.
Usability: Different sections of content are marked with borders and visually apparent headings to help indicate the purpose of each. However, as files are provided as .png, text searching/selecting is not possible.
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