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Cy_Borg Loot Generator Bare-Bones

Concept: “I made some loot generation tables for Cy_BORG. They can make everything from borderlands-style guns to unique cyber-ware and drones. I tried to be comprehensive but also simple in my explanations as I was fitting as much as I possibly could into three pages. I hope people find this fun to use!”
Content: A set of tables that provide for the creation of an incredible variety of loot with not only mechanical effects but also quirks and other unexpected features.
Writing: Terse and direct explanations maximize the number and range of options and leave space for imaginative interpretations of generated items and their uses.
Art/Design: Each table appears in its own box, with some slightly overlapping others. There is a mix of font types, sizes, and bolding to help visually distinguish tables from one another.
Usability: The font choices are clear and the tables are arranged in a manner that makes for relatively easy browsing, although part of the initial enjoyment is stumbling across a new table and its creative scope. The supplement is provided as a PNG and as an image in a Google Doc, so the text is not selectable or searchable.