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Game Jams

404 Jam Not Found

Concept: “*404 Jam not found's* theme is content that does not yet exist in a meta sense. CY_BORG as a TTRPG book is still new and has little content (aside from the enormous amount of amazing Mork Borg content out there). People can submit anything big or small. Maybe it’s an encounter table, NPC, creature, gear, weapons, some new mechanics, or even a class. This is for the community by the community and most importantly for fun. The ranking criteria is how Cyber and how Punk the submission is.“
Content: A wide variety of content to flesh out the Cy_Borg world for a table.

Album Crawl 3.0: The Y2K Jam

Concept: “Welcome my fellow scvm from the bowels of the True Mork Borg/ Death in Space Discords! You have waited long enough for at last the new Jam is here and it is an Album Crawl, too! Via this Jam we are going to be creating brand new third party content for the Mork Borg, CY_Borg, or Death in Space RPGs.”
Content: Music-themed and -inspired content for games of Cy_Borg.

Make Tim Great Again Jam

Concept: “Tim bought my CY_BORG pamphlet A$$HOLE$ & ELBOWS a couple weeks ago and didn't provide his shipping details. I've emailed Tim. Twice. No response. I feel bad. Tim spent his hard-earned money on buying something from me (tbf he did get to download the PDF) and I can't ship it to him. Maybe Tim follows me on itch. Maybe he'll see all the silly things I've made and send me his details. Tim will tell!”
Content: Nine Tim-themed nightmares, two of which are explicitly for Cy_Borg.

Monster Mash Jam

Concept: “Monster movies go all the way back to the Universal Monsters and are a staple of the horror movie industry. The genre also lends itself well to the play style and tone of MÖRK and CY BORG. Pick your favorite monster movie and write up anything for it. Items, classes, monsters, dungeons, it is all fair game!”
Content: A collection of monster-themed jobs, classes, creatures, and more for Cy_Borg.

Trigger Warning: Trigger Happy Jam

Concept: “It's Jamuary once again here at actual play TTRPG podcast, The Rolled Standard, and this time we're going to be playing the cyberpunk tabletop role-playing game, Cy_Borg. So we want your best and most brutal contracts in the vein of the Cy_Borg Location Pad.”
Content: A collection of jobs/gigs to send parties of punks out on to fuck shit up, get rich, or die trying to do either.


Concept: “Urban Legends, the undercurrent of our cultures and personal narratives, a shared imagination that shapes our worldview.  From Florida Man to Area 51, the illuminati to cryo-frozen billionaires; these are the stories and whispered secrets we tell to amuse and frighten ourselves. But what happens if our world's lore collides with the desperate city of CY? What new conspiracies are born, what new abominations draw breath? URBN_LGND.exe is a third party compatible game jam that asks YOU to CY_BORGify your favorite urban legend.“
Content: A variety of supplements–gigs, creatures, classes, optional rules, and beyond–reflecting various urban legends that might be (un)known to the punks that try to survive in CY.
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