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Game Jams

404 Jam Not Found

Concept: “*404 Jam not found's* theme is content that does not yet exist in a meta sense. CY_BORG as a TTRPG book is still new and has little content (aside from the enormous amount of amazing Mork Borg content out there). People can submit anything big or small. Maybe it’s an encounter table, NPC, creature, gear, weapons, some new mechanics, or even a class. This is for the community by the community and most importantly for fun. The ranking criteria is how Cyber and how Punk the submission is.“
Content: A wide variety of content to flesh out the Cy_Borg world for a table.

Monster Mash Jam

Concept: “Monster movies go all the way back to the Universal Monsters and are a staple of the horror movie industry. The genre also lends itself well to the play style and tone of MÖRK and CY BORG. Pick your favorite monster movie and write up anything for it. Items, classes, monsters, dungeons, it is all fair game!”
Content: A collection of monster-themed jobs, classes, creatures, and more for Cy_Borg.
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