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Make Tim Great Again Jam

Make Tim Great Again Jam

Concept: “Tim bought my CY_BORG pamphlet A$$HOLE$ & ELBOWS a couple weeks ago and didn't provide his shipping details. I've emailed Tim. Twice. No response. I feel bad. Tim spent his hard-earned money on buying something from me (tbf he did get to download the PDF) and I can't ship it to him. Maybe Tim follows me on itch. Maybe he'll see all the silly things I've made and send me his details. Tim will tell!”
Content: Nine Tim-themed nightmares, two of which are explicitly for Cy_Borg.

Tim Is of the Essence

Concept: “Run. Shoot. Steal. Lie. It doesn't matter what you do, just find Tim! He's the key to something bigger than all of us. The corpos want him quieted. He's gotta be in the Negapike. I know, I know. The hell hole in between Cy and the NegaCity. Don't worry, you'll be fine, I left you the keys to the B34S7. Fire it up. Be quick about it, you only have 2 hours.”
Content: A mission to extract your pal Tim from an armored carrier somewhere on the tangled roadways of the Negapike. 
Writing: A simple premise with inspired contours and complications to make the rescue attempt all the trickier. Tables provide variety in mission background and random events.
Art/Design: Mix of layouts reflects different general purposes: target vehicle, job specifics, Negapike details, tables. Mostly light-on-dark color schemes, with blueprints of armored carrier and Negapike aerial view serving as primary graphic elements. With tables rendered as UNIX man pages on a CRT display.
Usability: Organization facilitates understanding the relationship of different pages’ content. Most text is visually readable (font choice, text size, contrast) and searchable/selectable, although the latter is not so for text on pages with a CRT display aesthetic.


Concept: “If your name is Tim and you bought the physical version of A$$HOLE$ & ELBOWS in the last couple of weeks, SEND ME YOUR ADDRESS! You didn't fill out the form you were prompted to on itch. You haven't responded to my emails. I don't want a bad review or rating because I didn't send your pamphlet, but I literally can't. I don't have your address! Get in touch.  Unless you were legit just trying to be nice and don't want the physical reward you paid for. But the uncertainty is KILLING ME!  Thanks, hugs and kisses, Rugose Kohn”
Content: Includes NPC enemies, cultist and high priest for “The Cult of Tim,” whose practices revolve around the enigma that is Tim. 
Writing: Tongue so far in cheek for this material that the two have fused together into a new Cronenberg-esque anatomy. 
Art/Design: Black single-column text presented on the left page of a two-page spread with a tan background, with illustrations of NPC shadows combating one another across the spread.
Usability: Text contrast and font choices are very readable, with headings and labels visually distinct from main body text. The question of Tim’s existence/identity remains unanswered, however.
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