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Rugose Kohn

A$$hole$ and Elbows

Concept: “A low-level, mid-tier manager type from Aegis Conglomerated—using the screen name Mr. Greensleeves—needs an Aegis BioTech prototype implant recovered. This rare tech was “mistakenly” put down the recycle chute and ended up in a Mosscroft junkyard, Big Dumpers. As reward for recovering the implant and saving his job Mr. G promises to provide a backdoor into Aegis Financial for potential debt reduction. It’s simple: get to Big Dumpers, search for the implant, get the fuck out, and return it to Mr. G. What could possibly go wrong?“
Content: A simple search and rescue operation–but the PCs aren’t the only ones performing it.
Writing: Tons of character packed into the junkyard location (with a dozen areas of interest) and NPC details.
Art/Design: Trifold pamphlet layout that includes a map of Big Dumpers and relevant specifics on the inner panels, while job and NPC information appears on the outer panels. Color scheme is a mix of black-on-white and white-on-blue/yellow-on-blue.
Usability: Organization is easily recognizable, with headers and important information consistently distinguished from body text by font choice, size, color, and inline bolding.


Concept: “Tales of wealthy eccentrics having their heads cryogenically frozen, have been around for a long time. They can't really be true, can they? Raid an automated facility to make off with some corpo's frozen noggin' for phat creds with this easy to integrate Urban Legend.”
Content: A set of quick job hooks that can stand alone or be inserted into other jobs/missions a group of punks might pursue, along with a map for a typical cryogenic storage facility.
Writing: Terse descriptions and setup leave much up to the GM, but there’s enough presented with a particular attitude in mind that can guide how to frame the gig(s).
Art/Design: A wide spread of job info presented as white text on blue sidebar and a full-color gallery of the target heads-in-jars (note: although they’re decapitated heads in jars, the images aren’t gory), with the map provided as an additional one-page blueprint-style white-on-blue.
Usability: Text is easily distinguishable in terms of content sections and the purpose for each, with a recognizable organization scheme to facilitate browsing and locating specific info.

Make Tim Great Again Jam

Concept: “Tim bought my CY_BORG pamphlet A$$HOLE$ & ELBOWS a couple weeks ago and didn't provide his shipping details. I've emailed Tim. Twice. No response. I feel bad. Tim spent his hard-earned money on buying something from me (tbf he did get to download the PDF) and I can't ship it to him. Maybe Tim follows me on itch. Maybe he'll see all the silly things I've made and send me his details. Tim will tell!”
Content: Nine Tim-themed nightmares, two of which are explicitly for Cy_Borg.


Concept: “An Heir of Kergoz has cracked a forbidden code and is using a coterie of childlike CYDROIDS™ to bring out the end times. It's up to you to hunt him down in his keep at the edge of G0 and end this madness.”
Content: A job involving a doomsday ritual that needs to be interrupted/prevented, presented in one of a number of different ways (via the parameters of Phil’s TTRPG Layout Jam 2023). 
Writing: Several key variables have been tweaked from the default adventure copy to more seamlessly integrate the adventure into CY. 
Art/Design: Presentation reflects an early Atari-style video game map/booklet layout with black-on-white scheme (and occasional blood spatter), with each room’s description/contents provided in text beside the location map where the relevant room has been highlighted in gray.
Usability: Font choices and contrast make for visual readability (although some text is quite small, such as the content in gray call-out boxes beneath some maps). However, text is not embedded, so searching or selecting text is unavailable.


Concept: “If your name is Tim and you bought the physical version of A$$HOLE$ & ELBOWS in the last couple of weeks, SEND ME YOUR ADDRESS! You didn't fill out the form you were prompted to on itch. You haven't responded to my emails. I don't want a bad review or rating because I didn't send your pamphlet, but I literally can't. I don't have your address! Get in touch.  Unless you were legit just trying to be nice and don't want the physical reward you paid for. But the uncertainty is KILLING ME!  Thanks, hugs and kisses, Rugose Kohn”
Content: Includes NPC enemies, cultist and high priest for “The Cult of Tim,” whose practices revolve around the enigma that is Tim. 
Writing: Tongue so far in cheek for this material that the two have fused together into a new Cronenberg-esque anatomy. 
Art/Design: Black single-column text presented on the left page of a two-page spread with a tan background, with illustrations of NPC shadows combating one another across the spread.
Usability: Text contrast and font choices are very readable, with headings and labels visually distinct from main body text. The question of Tim’s existence/identity remains unanswered, however.


Concept: “Urban Legends, the undercurrent of our cultures and personal narratives, a shared imagination that shapes our worldview.  From Florida Man to Area 51, the illuminati to cryo-frozen billionaires; these are the stories and whispered secrets we tell to amuse and frighten ourselves. But what happens if our world's lore collides with the desperate city of CY? What new conspiracies are born, what new abominations draw breath? URBN_LGND.exe is a third party compatible game jam that asks YOU to CY_BORGify your favorite urban legend.“
Content: A variety of supplements–gigs, creatures, classes, optional rules, and beyond–reflecting various urban legends that might be (un)known to the punks that try to survive in CY.
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