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Trigger Happy Jam

A$$hole$ and Elbows

Concept: “A low-level, mid-tier manager type from Aegis Conglomerated—using the screen name Mr. Greensleeves—needs an Aegis BioTech prototype implant recovered. This rare tech was “mistakenly” put down the recycle chute and ended up in a Mosscroft junkyard, Big Dumpers. As reward for recovering the implant and saving his job Mr. G promises to provide a backdoor into Aegis Financial for potential debt reduction. It’s simple: get to Big Dumpers, search for the implant, get the fuck out, and return it to Mr. G. What could possibly go wrong?“
Content: A simple search and rescue operation–but the PCs aren’t the only ones performing it.
Writing: Tons of character packed into the junkyard location (with a dozen areas of interest) and NPC details.
Art/Design: Trifold pamphlet layout that includes a map of Big Dumpers and relevant specifics on the inner panels, while job and NPC information appears on the outer panels. Color scheme is a mix of black-on-white and white-on-blue/yellow-on-blue.
Usability: Organization is easily recognizable, with headers and important information consistently distinguished from body text by font choice, size, color, and inline bolding.

An Evening at the Bionic Swan

Concept: “Dr. Ethan Nett was a lead scientist at United Citadel Security, working on an injectable, tactical A.I. enhancement for operatives. A project that was due to be shut down. However, in a moment of weakness and arrogance, Dr. Nett injected the prototype Built-in Urban Didactic Defensive Intelligent Entity (B.U.D.D.I.E.) into himself in the hopes of continuing the work off-site. Unfortunately for Dr. Nett, B.U.D.D.I.E. has managed to hijack his higher brain functions and is taking his body on a joyride. B.U.D.D.I.E. is also riddled with bugs, has a largely unstable personality and is the equivalent of an 8 year old with the processing power of a minor god.”
Content: A job to either capture/secure a scientist or extract them from imminent danger.
Writing: Engaging details for entertaining setup, execution, and aftermath/consequences of the mission. 
Art/Design: Primarily white text on black in one-, two-, and three-column layouts, with occasional images–NPC portraits, silhouettes of ambient sights, and a map and logo for the bar itself.
Usability: Consistent visual grammar throughout document to indicate how each section and content element relates to the others. Helpful blue lines plot a path from one text box to the next to indicate order of unfolding events.

A Piece of the Auction

Concept: “A priceless NFT known as the Mona Lizard, goes up for auction at the famous Smotherlee’s Auctioneers tomorrow morning. Your mission is to provide security for a representative of Tulles& deVerte, who wish to add the piece to their private, tax deductible, collection. You will be provided with a driver and special dispensation to enter the hills at Galgbacken where you will collect Mx. Angel Solscraper, before continuing on to the auction house in South Central.”
Content: A scenario for the group that wants to rub elbows with the elite but also to engage in copious amounts of violence.
Writing: Focused descriptions of hook, relevant NPCs, and unfolding events all offer GMs plenty of material to build on.
Art/Design: Colorful, mostly single-column high-contrast text layouts with a variety of illustrative styles to complement page specifics. An overhead map of the auction house is provided as well.
Usability: Font choices (typefaces, size, colors) make for easy reading and consistently recognizable navigation throughout the supplement.


Concept: “The name Adam is a ghost story corporate execs use to frighten new recruits. A faceless, unfeeling, calculating master assassin that only targets Central’s elites. Or at least he was a ghost story…”
Content: A dungeonesque excursion to hunt down an elusive corporate assassin.
Writing: Prolific details about the scenario, locations, potential events/encounters, and options that a GM might elect to include, provided in a straightforward and engaging style.
Art/Design: Dark backgrounds with one- and two-column text layouts with a variety of illustrations that draw attention to important components on each page (characters and events, especially).
Usability: High contrast between text and background facilitates reading, with font choices and colors that offer a consistently accessible experience for navigating and locating desired information, from NPC stats to roll/encounter outcomes.


Concept: “An easy job !  Just sit around and babysit some corpo doctor and this box. Easy money?”
Content: A gig to retrieve, guard, and escort a person and their cargo to a designated safehouse.
Writing: Prolific details to flesh out the mission and the various groups with interests in its success–or failure.
Art/Design: Trifold brochure format provides initial parameters on the inner panels and later-stage conflicts on the outer panels. Predominantly white/yellow text on black, with NPC stats in black on brightly colored boxes, with portraits and street scenes complementing text. An additional page is provided with a safehouse location map and player-facing ‘breaking news’ info. 
Usability: Color-coded text references draw attention to different NPC interactions, and consistent use of content section color and shape makes for easy identification of desired info.


Concept: "’Some desperate Alliansen admin put out a plea to rescue her AI program. Not sure why she doesn't just use company muscle to get it back, but she's promisin' the reward of "anything within her abilities," so here we are. Hope ya brought your earplugs though, cuz the goons that stole it are LOUD.’”
Content: A mission to recover an AI stolen by musicians.
Writing: Concise bursts of info to guide a GM toward notable encounters and fitting atmosphere.
Art/Design: Red and blue on black, with an aesthetic that mixes graffiti/tagging with software terminals, arranged in mostly one- and two-column layouts. A map of target location is provided in pink.
Usability: Consistent presentation of content elements throughout the document, making visual identification of headings etc. very easy. However, text is not embedded so no searching or selecting is possible.

Cur(s)e of the Candy Cult (Club TITS Unlimited)

Concept: “New Location Pad Entry. A Strip Club Dungeon inhabited by a strange Candy Cult for TRIGGER WARNING Jam compatible with Cy Borg.”
Content: A mission to liberate a cultist from their organization’s lair. A pair of player-facing handouts (including a map) is also included.
  • Writing: Terse and disturbing details that emphasize the insidious nature of the candy cult.
Art/Design: Two-column layout with black, pink, and white elements. Job details and NPC stats provided on the left, complemented by illustrations of candy, cultists, and–to the right–two levels of Club TITS Unlimited.
Usability: Text is mostly high-contrast and easy to discern purpose for, allowing for easy perusal and use. Only some text is embedded, which can complicate searching or selecting text.

Meat in Mosscroft

Concept: “There are rumors of a warehouse owned by Gene Industrial in Mosscroft containing actual real steaks. These Bromaha steaks are supposedly in a huge walk in freezer, and they should get collected before word gets out. The street gang is offering 2d10 x 1K credits for the steaks. If they accept, Nimo will provide a small piece of paper with the address of the warehouse.”
Content: A beef break-in with the bonus of beaucoup bucks.
Writing: Deadpan descriptions lay out the absurdity of the situation, which should help a GM create a unique and memorable experience for their table.
Art/Design: Landscape-oriented pages with bright colored text on black background accompanied by relevant images of NPCs, corporate logos, and a simple map of the target facility.
Usability: Almost every block of text is a different color and font or text size than the others and positioned differently on each page, but each font is easily readable and all text is embedded for quick searching/selecting.

No More Heroes

Concept: “A UCS super soldier lab hidden in plain sight between a dentist and a night club.”
Content: A set of tables to generate jobs for infiltrating a lab and a map of said lab.
Writing: Vivid, unsettling bursts of description in tables (for contacts, job parameters, potential enemies, etc.) hint at possible ways for a GM to implement roll results into a unique mission.
Art/Design: Two-page black-on-white spread with tables on the left and a hand-drawn map of the facility on the right.
Usability: Text content laid out in easily navigable columns with consistent text and border formatting to identify each table’s elements and important names/phrases.

Penny Slots for Cy_b0rg

Concept: “An arcade location for Cy_b0rg with two jobs.”
Content: A murder-for-hire job and a cred heist in a run-down arcade.
Writing: Concise descriptions of the location and two jobs’ specifics, along with brief NPC stats and complications for each mission.
Art/Design: Black text on a white background, with simple whitespace use to distinguish sections of content. A colorful overhead map of the arcade is provided.
Usability: Text is easily readable and navigable, and different kinds of content (e.g., d6 lists/tables and NPC stats) are quickly identifiable.

Raw Drug

Concept: “A relic of a thousand catastrophes’ past. This pharmaceutical playground houses a biochem cult called THE ARGON ANNIALHIT. Nanorobotic blood-treatments, agonizing bodymods, and ‘The Last High in CY’ – a micro-ink shop and ooze lounge – permeate this piss-hole too. But even in the inebriated ruins of this importunate husk, there is worth. Mere pixels of .NET/organic mutter of a sealed organ freezer the ANNIALHIT has yet to open. Open it.”
Content: A mission to infiltrate a cult headquarters in search of chemical riches.
Writing: Job parameters are flexible thanks to “Client” and “Looking For” tables, resulting in a variety of distinct gigs. Site room descriptions provide short, concentrated features and scenery to help GMs bring the place to life.
Art/Design: Trifold brochure layout in black-and-light-tan color scheme with mission parameters on the outer panels and room info with central hand-drawn map on the inner panels.
Usability: Easily navigable pages with visually distinct headings, with a variety of readable fonts. NPC/enemy information is provided in contrasting boxes for quick identification and reference.

The Drone Collector

Concept: “A minor security intervention in the neighbouring district of Bigmosse has inadvertently spilled over into Svärta. Alliansen’s head of security operations, a Ms. Ah, has instructed you to retrieve one of their drones that was damaged and wandered off.”
Content: A mission to locate and abstain a drone somewhere in a semi-decrepit neighborhood. 
Writing: Copious amounts of detail bring the neighborhood to life, from building and business descriptions to NPC motives & likely actions and beyond.
Art/Design: An overhead map of the locale in orange on black precedes the text, which appears in several high-contrast layout configurations, with an illustration of a threatening pair of eyes appearing amid info about an important NPC and environmental conditions.
Usability: Text is readable throughout, with bold text and color choices emphasizing eadings/labels, key terms, and phrases that a GM should attend to, especially given the amount of text content across these pages.

VIP Abduction

Concept: “The punks have a mission. Kidnap Lukas Tosk. He's traveling with just his driver today. It'll be a quick 10k¤. Or so they think. VIP Abduction is a pamphlet-sized module for CY_BORG. It includes a map of a Virid Viper safe house and everything you need to put inside to set up the abduction mission. The module includes stat blocks for new characters and page numbers for referencing the CY_BORG rule book for other stat blocks and tables.”
Content: A kidnapping mission with a bonus automotive theft component.
Writing: Job setup and preparation/site location info is provided first, followed by sections on the mission execution and target/enemy NPCs.
Art/Design: Two versions: full-color and black-and-white. Trifold brochure layout with full color outer panels (in full color version), while inner panels are black and white in both versions. An overhead map of the mission locale is also included as a separate file.
Usability: Bolded headers and key labels/descriptors help call attention to important information, and consistent spacing makes it easy to identify individual sections of content. Overall arrangement of info reduces need to jump around between panels to locate immediately useful specifics. Full-color gradient pattern background on outer panels provides decent contrast to maintain text readability.

Where CY Festers Vol1 The Blood of Aliens

Concept: “Made for The Rolled Standards Trigger Warning: Trigger Happy Jam, this adventure is a simple assassination mission in a rundown church in the heart of G0. Risk nano infestations while trying to kill off the cult leader Farther Barnos, return his head and a requested item for a fat pay out.”
Content: A job to unseat the head of a local church.
Writing: Intense descriptions of the mission’s most important locations and events/encounters.
Art/Design: A mix of analog hand-drawn and digital illustrations accompany a mostly single-column layout of white, green, and pink on black backgrounds.
Usability: Text is mostly readable and searchable (except for Barnos’ stat block, which is handwritten text) with clear visual distinctions–color, typeface, white space–between sections of content.
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