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Munkmoto (Thomas Geno-Stumme)

Meat in Mosscroft

Concept: “There are rumors of a warehouse owned by Gene Industrial in Mosscroft containing actual real steaks. These Bromaha steaks are supposedly in a huge walk in freezer, and they should get collected before word gets out. The street gang is offering 2d10 x 1K credits for the steaks. If they accept, Nimo will provide a small piece of paper with the address of the warehouse.”
Content: A beef break-in with the bonus of beaucoup bucks.
Writing: Deadpan descriptions lay out the absurdity of the situation, which should help a GM create a unique and memorable experience for their table.
Art/Design: Landscape-oriented pages with bright colored text on black background accompanied by relevant images of NPCs, corporate logos, and a simple map of the target facility.
Usability: Almost every block of text is a different color and font or text size than the others and positioned differently on each page, but each font is easily readable and all text is embedded for quick searching/selecting.


Concept: “A homebrew antagonist for Cy_Borg. An antagonist that can provide some interesting interactions and possibly fun character arc. Created for the URBN_LGND jam.”
Content: A digital nightmare to haunt a table of punks.
Writing: A mix of ominous description and creative mechanics to affect the afflicted player.
Art/Design: Brightly colored text and black-on-white over a black and white static-y image of a creeping figure in silhouette.
Usability: Text contrast and font choices, along with whitespace/indentation, make for easy reading/navigation.
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