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Hostile Takeover

Concept: “If you thought the atrocities committed in the names of ancient gods were horrible, wait until you see what has been done in the name of profit.

Hostile Takeover is a brutal, third-party campaign for KillSampleProcess. The big, sprawling, profit-churning machine that is the Corp has just shut itself off from the rest of Cy, leaving itself exposed to groups of punks with the will to take matters into their own hands. Prepare your crew to fight, hall by hall, to take control of the whole complex and climb the corporate ladder… one bullet at the time.“
Content: Rules to launch a campaign going head-to-head against a ruthless corporation.
Writing: Lots of informative and atmospheric information, presented in a straightforward and accessible manner, about creating a corporation and campaign map, new enemy NPCs, assorted missions, and more in order to run a successful campaign.
Art/Design: Distinct page layouts and aesthetics for different sections of content, making use of high-contrast text and bright colors to make each page pop.
Usability: Fonts are readable, headings/labels are visually distinguishable from body text, and contents are consistently presented/explained throughout the book.

Kill Sample Process

Concept: “Kill Sample Process is a stand-alone tabletop miniatures game and rpg setting from the creator of The Last War and Forbidden Psalm, inspired by and fully compatible with the CY_BÖRG ttrpg and other Forbidden Psalm miniatures games.”
Content: A full-blown miniatures skirmish and campaign game set in and using the rules of Cy_Borg: essential concepts, character creation, use of various equipment and abilities, movement and combat, NPC info, campaign details, mission parameters, and more.
Writing: Concise but detailed rules explanations to walk players through the game’s assorted dimensions, making liberal use of atmospheric voice complemented by concise explanation of mechanics.
Art/Design: Hews closely to core Cy_Borg aesthetic with mix of bright/neon colors and dark grittiness, with different sections of the book reflecting distinct page layouts and color schemes. 
Usability: While some font choices are more visually readable than others, high-contrast embedded text throughout makes for easy perusal and location of desired info (supported further by specific references to other page numbers and content sections). A helpful note is provided on the ToC page noting the ability click on page numbers to return to ToC.
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