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Hostile Takeover

Concept: “If you thought the atrocities committed in the names of ancient gods were horrible, wait until you see what has been done in the name of profit.

Hostile Takeover is a brutal, third-party campaign for KillSampleProcess. The big, sprawling, profit-churning machine that is the Corp has just shut itself off from the rest of Cy, leaving itself exposed to groups of punks with the will to take matters into their own hands. Prepare your crew to fight, hall by hall, to take control of the whole complex and climb the corporate ladder… one bullet at the time.“
Content: Rules to launch a campaign going head-to-head against a ruthless corporation.
Writing: Lots of informative and atmospheric information, presented in a straightforward and accessible manner, about creating a corporation and campaign map, new enemy NPCs, assorted missions, and more in order to run a successful campaign.
Art/Design: Distinct page layouts and aesthetics for different sections of content, making use of high-contrast text and bright colors to make each page pop.
Usability: Fonts are readable, headings/labels are visually distinguishable from body text, and contents are consistently presented/explained throughout the book.