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Creativity through constraint

(Ross') CY_OPS

Concept: “The city of CY, home to the sickest minds in human history. How finely can you grind people, how much of them can you crush and squeeze, until nothing is left at all? That's what they try to figure out. The obscenely rich, the fanatically obsessed, the god-complex egomaniacs obsessed with world domination. Their lairs, their schemes, their murderous henchmen.

Thankfully, there's also someone on the other side of the equation. Packing heat under a tuxedo, or stranglewire in an evening gown's lining. Sophisticated to a knife's edge, but ready to spatter fine suits with hired blood when the time comes to clean house. Organizations that do nothing but watch and wait, and hand out packets of interesting information about the habits and domicile of movers and shakers to people who know what needs to be done.

This is CY_OPS. Check the angle of your tie one last time, and get ready to raise hell.

No relation to existing supplements also named CY_OPS.
Content: A set of tables to help bring a game of Cy_Borg to life: schemes, henchmen, painful deaths, lair details, and more, along with two classes: “exterminator pitbull” and “stirred and shaken.”
Writing: Lots of atmospheric detail intertwined with explanations of mechanical effects. The two classes offer very different and distinct approaches to how a punk might take on some of the ops hinted at throughout this supplement.
Art/Design: Provided in both full-color and black-and-white versions, with both making use of single-column text on each page. Full-color version provides some background images–ornate rooms, window blinds, silhouettes, etc.--with high-contrast text (black and yellow) on top.
Usability: Text layout and contrast provides mostly easy readability in full-color version, although some background images are busy enough to slow the reading process.

.NetSys Hacking

Concept: “H@ck the Pl@net! Use this streamlined system to hack network, or try to, as your fellow Punks take care of business in meat space. Included are rules to break into and hack systems one node at a time, activate commands in those nodes when accessed, and deal with any ICE or black ICE launched against you in addition to any other virtual denizens or invaders. Also, slot d12 new .Apps into your 'deck designed for use in virtual spaces.”
Content: A set of rules for netrunner-specific hacking procedures, along with brief stats for security/ICE NPC entities and a set of apps to kick that hacking into high gear. Full-color and black-and-white versions of the supplement are included.
Writing: Concise explanations of the hacking workflow and apps, complemented by flavorful names/labels for elements of both.
Art/Design: Full-color version resembles a green terminal UI aesthetic, with color-coded NPC info based on severity of threat and a yellow list of netrunner apps. A sample network diagram/map is included. Black-and-white version provides a clean alternative (although yellow alert symbols appear in both versions).
Usability: Text in both versions is visually identifiable and distinguishable, thanks to color and bolding/underlining to indicate certain kinds of content. Hacking workflow includes code-like line reference numbers and consistent indentation for subordinate/clarification details.

10 Things I Hate About CY

Concept: “10 urban legends whispered on the streets of CY and in the dark corners of the NET. The fact is usually worse than the fiction.”
Content: A collection of urban legends about mysterious individuals, locations, and events that might intrigue or terrify a group of punks.
Writing: Ominous tales framed as though potentially spoken by CY residents, allowing for easy slot-in ambience and plot hook/seed for GMs.
Art/Design: White, pink, and yellow text on dark blue with occasional purple circuit-board background designs and a large pair of eyeballs near the bottom of one page. Presented as three pages of single-column text.
Usability: Font choices and colors make for easy visual readability and identification of distinct content purposes (e.g., pink text for headings/labels, yellow for important details, names, and locations).

2d20 $h*t Your Contract Is Trying to Unload on You Instead of Coughing up the Money

Concept: “Your guy is trying to unload their garbage on you, maybe they want to get rid of it, maybe they are trying to scam you, maybe they genuinely don't have the money, maybe it was their plan all along…”
Content: A table of goods–some junk, some potentially valuable–that a GM might use to sprinkle in some randomness into a punk’s payday.
Writing: Tons of flavor crammed into brief descriptions of a variety of items.
Art/Design: Two versions: black-on-white and black-on-blue, each provided in primarily two-column text layout.
Usability: Both versions provide visual contrast between fore and ground, with readable font choices and consistent use of headings and list item numbering.

All Roads Lead to Chrome

Concept: “Being a mercenary isn't easy work. Between the gunfights, dealing with shady corps, and fending off crazed psycho's, you are bound to get hurt. Sure, you can train to get better at handling these types of situations, and maybe you can shill out some creds for a new gun or two. But eventually, no matter what path you take, if you really wanna hit the big leagues…”
Content: A set of rules to flesh out cyberware and cy_rage, along with several new drugs and a job to snag some cargo from a tech-obsessed cult.
Writing: Accessible and concise rules, with lots of detail and explanation provided for the assorted cybertech and the job.
Art/Design: A mix of white-on-dark (for the cybertech rules & drugs) and black-on-white (for the job). Occasional images complement page text, with a brain-shaped map provided (and keyed0 for the job. Bright colors and bold text highlight important information and serve as headers. A print-friendly black-on-white version of the cybertech rules is also included.
Usability: Readable fonts, visually recognizable organization of page contents thanks to spacing/grouping and section borders. Consistent application of particular color choices and bolding to help with navigating and locating desired information.


Concept: “Avtozak is a Cy_Borg expansion about riots.”
Content: A set of riot-related NPCs, weapons, and a table of riot causes.
Writing: Terse, frank descriptions and stats/mechanics for included content.
Art/Design: Illustrations of riot vehicles and participants (cops and protesters) with highlight colors are positioned alongside relevant high-contrast text.
Usability: Font choices are readable, with headings/labels and background colors for distinct sections that assist navigation and perusal.

Beyond Cy

Concept: “The fields. Monoculture deserts of genetically enhanced crops like wheat 4.6, ultra-maize, and soykin. Spliced to perfection. All earth is sterile. Killed by an unhallowed mix of unfiltered UV-radiation and the most potent poisons. Only hard fertilization keeps the masses alive and fed. Traveling through the cultivations is not without peril. Chemships puke their concoctions onto the plants; mechanic harvesters that have never seen an animal or human cut down all in their path.”
Content: A treasure trove of rules (miseries, glitches, mutations), gear, location/site summaries and generators, map hexes, random encounters, enemies, classes (“Mutant” and “Elektron Rohre”), job seeds/contracts, and even a dungeon to explore.
Writing: Intense, vivid, and wry descriptions that bring to life the sprawling wastes that surround Cy.
Art/Design: A mix of collage, pixel art, graffiti, graphical user interfaces, print reports, and more to frame each page/spread uniquely but feeling comfortably in line with the official/core Cy_Borg aesthetic. Map hexes provided as additional file.
Usability: Wide variety of layouts, font choices/sizes/colors, and organization can slow down reading and navigation (e.g., class info interspersed among NPCs), but hyperlinked table of contents aids with identifying desired details.

Blood Sports

Concept: “Some trashy random tables for generating odd sports and shows names punks play in CY_.  You can roll some cocky champion names too and get some inspiration from the portraits provided.”
Content: Tables for quick generation of game types/specifics and famous sports NPCs, all of which are soaked in CY style.
Writing: Table results are vivid, grungy, and dystopian–exactly what you’d hope for.
Art/Design: Contrasting-color rows help with table navigation, with tables positioned around the edges of large image spreads (an arena and a gallery of NPC portraits), with an eye-bleeding aesthetic and palette.
Usability: While not all tables are labeled, it’s clear what each does functionally and how to use it alongside the others.

Boomhunter's Laughter & Satisfaction

Concept: “Burnchurch Hex’s latest [dist/att]raction is a kill club run by the infamous chromediator Boomhunter, a chromed out kill-club veteran with gunpowder cologne and grenades for jewels. To him, the only thing better than a good kill is a thumpin soundtrack.”
Content: Just about everything a GM might need to provide players with an entertaining time at a kill club: notable NPCs, locations, events/activities (and how to bet on them), and enemies to face off against.
Writing: Plenty of imaginative world-building detail supported with brief rules and mechanics when needed.
Art/Design: Two versions are provided: one that hews closely to the Cy_Borg design aesthetic, with a variety of two-page spread layouts, colors, and fonts; and one that offers a simple, printer-friendly black-on-white single-column arrangement of content. 
Usability: Text in both versions is mostly high-contrast, although in the ‘regular’ version, some font choices and spread background ‘busy-ness’ may impact readability for some readers. Relationships between different content types/sections are visually distinct, thanks to consistent shifts in font size and bolding.


Concept: “Maybe you're tired of Players rolling Presence to charm/snipe/shoot their way in and out of any situation, especially that Discharged Corp Killer who, for some reason, rolled a +3 on his Presence. Well, do not worry anymore, as this hack aims to fix that.”
Content: An expansion of stats and skills to add a bit more crunch to games of Cy_Borg. 
Writing: Focused, direct explanation of optional mechanics to integrate into a game, along with an insightful rationale for the hack’s existence and a character sheet organized to include the new stats & skills.
Art/Design: Single-column white text on a dark black-and-purple patterned background. Character sheet mixes hand-drawn illustration, photo collage, and fillable fields.
Usability: Text in both files is high contrast and has consistent font use for headings/labels and body content. Unfortunately, text is not embedded in either file, so searching/selecting is not available.



S4N1—or “Sanny” as he prefers to be called—is CY’s sanitation AI, responsible for the timely expulsion of the city’s sewage, garbage, and miscellaneous waste. For decades, Sanny has faithfully and silently executed his function, unaware of the greater changes happening in CY; forgotten and taken for granted, nobody was around to notice the worm of some higher intelligence burrowing itself into the AI’s core programming. Replicating. Evolving. Taking over.

Now, Sanny wants to quit his job—a clean break—and you’re going to help him.”
Content: A series of jobs designed to liberate a sanitation systems AI from its electronic shackles.
Writing: Four interlocked missions with tons of descriptive flavor, tables to roll on, NPCs, and other information for GMs and players alike that provide inspiration and guidance to a given iteration of these jobs in play.
Art/Design: While the entire document is in black and white, each mission has its own aesthetic and arrangement, font types, and so on. Illustrations galore depict assorted characters, locations, maps, objects, etc. that punks might encounter in one or more of these jobs.
Usability: Visually recognizable and consistent uses of headings, bold text, table organizations, content columns, etc. make for easy navigating and reading. Distinct jobs’ aesthetics also indicate visually the boundaries of those jobs’ information to further facilitate identifying desired details.


Concept: “Club 27 is a Cy_Borg expansion about the Club 27 urban legend.”
Content: A nightclub with a discerning membership, some of whom can be hired as mercs.
Writing: Brief details about the club and its members that suggest a variety of ways that a GM might incorporate the place into their game.
Art/Design: Single-fold pamphlet layout with an immersive background club-aesthetic illustration for each panel overlaid with text content. 
Usability: High-contrast text is easy to read, with headings and emphasized text visually distinct through font size and color. Most text is embedded, allowing for searching/selecting.


Concept: “This pamphlet is a game master tool for adding hydraulic-powered boxing into your games without stretching melee combat too far.”
Content: A set of rules and tables to facilitate boxing/brawling, especially between cybernetically augmented fighters sparring for money.
Writing: Rules are terse and supplemented by similarly terse but vivid descriptions to situate the fights in CY.
Art/Design: Trifold pamphlet organization, with clearly distinct panels of differing text/background colors and contrast. An illustration of Greek fighters accents one panel.
Usability: Color and font choices mostly provide strong contrast and readability, with arrangement of panels allowing for rules/scenarios to unfold just as pamphlet unfolds physically. Two panels may be difficult to read visually for some (thanks to white on orange color scheme).

Cy_Borg - Living Dead Rules

Concept: "Random tables to spice up your PCs." 
Content: Two tables for customizing living dead creatures: d6 heinous powers and d6 ways to become undead.
Writing: Flavor is hilariously macabre, and mechanics are explained clearly but also in line with macabre flavor.
Art/Design: Black/yellow color scheme accents the image of a deranged living dead creature surrounded by table entries.
Usability: Content is easy to read but tables are “exploded” across the page.

Cy_Borg Gang Generator

Concept: “One page of tables to roll up a gang for your Cy_Borg adventure.  You'll get the gang's name, their criminal activity, their base, and who they're at war with.”
Content: A one-page set of tables with which to quickly create a CY-based gang.
Writing: Table entries are terse and evocative of different elements of cyberpunk tropes.
Art/Design: Tables are provided as light purple text on dark gray background boxes over a full-page background illustration of assorted gang members in a cityscape.
Usability: Contrast, readable fonts, and consistent presentation of each table all allow for easy use of the information here so as to bring a gang to life.
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