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Mykyta Skiba


Concept: “Avtozak is a Cy_Borg expansion about riots.”
Content: A set of riot-related NPCs, weapons, and a table of riot causes.
Writing: Terse, frank descriptions and stats/mechanics for included content.
Art/Design: Illustrations of riot vehicles and participants (cops and protesters) with highlight colors are positioned alongside relevant high-contrast text.
Usability: Font choices are readable, with headings/labels and background colors for distinct sections that assist navigation and perusal.


Concept: “Club 27 is a Cy_Borg expansion about the Club 27 urban legend.”
Content: A nightclub with a discerning membership, some of whom can be hired as mercs.
Writing: Brief details about the club and its members that suggest a variety of ways that a GM might incorporate the place into their game.
Art/Design: Single-fold pamphlet layout with an immersive background club-aesthetic illustration for each panel overlaid with text content. 
Usability: High-contrast text is easy to read, with headings and emphasized text visually distinct through font size and color. Most text is embedded, allowing for searching/selecting.

Zwyntar Pass / Moonshine - A Borg Dovble Featvre

Concept: “This is a double feature, 2 one shots for 2 different Borg Systems. One is "Moonshine" for the Cy_Borg system. It features players robbing a rich senator's house to steal his supply of crypto-moonshine. The other is called Zwyntar Pass for the MorkBorg system. It features players trying to hunt a troll at a pass at Graven-Tosk. Both scenarios were inspired by a Ukrainian band called Zwyntar.”
Content: A job to steal a bunch of crypto-moonshine from a senator’s home.
Writing: Concise details that cover important elements for the score and how different approaches might lead to different results.
Art/Design: Eye-blistering neon purple, pink, and yellow (with a bit of green-on-black) across two pages: one text-heavy GM-focused page and one player-facing page with a map of the job location.
Usability: Headings and different blocks of content are visually distinct from one another thanks to font size choices and whitespace use.
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