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Cut Purse

Concept: “CUT PURSE is a zine by Stockholm Kartell made for the 2024 convention season. It includes stuff for all our games; MÖRK BORG, CY_BORG, DEATH IN SPACE, SKR and some system-agnostic material (as well as an adventure for the Japanese third-party MB hack Nobunaga's Black Castle). But there are also things like album reviews and poetry.”
Content: Several tables (“Where do you hang out?,” “Returning home to your apartment after that one heist,” and a set of news headlines) as well as “Brainbox Scramble,” a combat-oriented “sudden scenario” taking place in a shopping mall.
Writing: Intensely thematic details packed into just a few pages (within the overall zine).
Art/Design: Mostly black-on-white two-column layout with some pink highlighted text, although an initial page for the scenario is white-on-black. An accompanying map provides labels for each storefront in its own distinct font (some with logos) to help sell the atmosphere of the place. 
Usability: Fonts are visually readable, layouts follow an easily recognizable organization of content (with different sections and kinds of information formatted consistently), and necessary details are all included–all of which makes for an easier time using each table or running the scenario.