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Roque Romero

Blood Sports

Concept: “Some trashy random tables for generating odd sports and shows names punks play in CY_.  You can roll some cocky champion names too and get some inspiration from the portraits provided.”
Content: Tables for quick generation of game types/specifics and famous sports NPCs, all of which are soaked in CY style.
Writing: Table results are vivid, grungy, and dystopian–exactly what you’d hope for.
Art/Design: Contrasting-color rows help with table navigation, with tables positioned around the edges of large image spreads (an arena and a gallery of NPC portraits), with an eye-bleeding aesthetic and palette.
Usability: While not all tables are labeled, it’s clear what each does functionally and how to use it alongside the others.

Viruses to Brick Your Brain

Concept: “Embedded in ads, lurking in the top search result, loaded as a hacker’s dead hand, coursing through a derelict net node. Viruses are everywhere, infecting everyone, stealing a portion of everything. Most of them are unnoticeable, lurking in your RCD, implants, accounts, everything. These? Less so. Bisecting your consciousness. Hijacking your implants. This is the result of someone else’s malice or misconduct. It will break you down until you get rid of it.”
Content: A set of tables to make a player’s life living hell through the power of compromised technology.
Writing: Concise and powerfully thematic explanations of relevant variables, including how the virus spreads, how it affects a player mechanically, who developed it, how to get rid of it.
Art/Design: A visual overload of colors, fonts, graphics, and stylistic clashes that feels entirely appropriate given the rules’ purpose.
Usability: While overall consistency is out the window, it is possible to understand and navigate each table/element while focusing on that section.
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