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Album Crawl 3.0: The Y2K Jam

Album Crawl 3.0: The Y2K Jam

Concept: “Welcome my fellow scvm from the bowels of the True Mork Borg/ Death in Space Discords! You have waited long enough for at last the new Jam is here and it is an Album Crawl, too! Via this Jam we are going to be creating brand new third party content for the Mork Borg, CY_Borg, or Death in Space RPGs.”
Content: Music-themed and -inspired content for games of Cy_Borg.

Boomhunter's Laughter & Satisfaction

Concept: “Burnchurch Hex’s latest [dist/att]raction is a kill club run by the infamous chromediator Boomhunter, a chromed out kill-club veteran with gunpowder cologne and grenades for jewels. To him, the only thing better than a good kill is a thumpin soundtrack.”
Content: Just about everything a GM might need to provide players with an entertaining time at a kill club: notable NPCs, locations, events/activities (and how to bet on them), and enemies to face off against.
Writing: Plenty of imaginative world-building detail supported with brief rules and mechanics when needed.
Art/Design: Two versions are provided: one that hews closely to the Cy_Borg design aesthetic, with a variety of two-page spread layouts, colors, and fonts; and one that offers a simple, printer-friendly black-on-white single-column arrangement of content. 
Usability: Text in both versions is mostly high-contrast, although in the ‘regular’ version, some font choices and spread background ‘busy-ness’ may impact readability for some readers. Relationships between different content types/sections are visually distinct, thanks to consistent shifts in font size and bolding.

Left Side Drive

Concept: “You must have fucked up to land here… (a sendoff for some dead punks) A hyperliminal album crawl set to "Trans Canada Highway" by Boards of Canada.”
Content: An atmospheric road trip through and beyond CY.
Writing: Atmospheric phrases paint broad strokes for each component locale and the people or things that might be encountered along the way.
Art/Design: Two columns of content with separate content boxes for the album tracks and relevant content. Black on light green color scheme with pink accents. Stripped-down map of locations help indicate possible trajectories for a traveling party.
Usability: Readable fonts with high contrast color choices and consistent embellishments and whitespace to indicate headings/labels, list items, atmospheric descriptions, and so on.

Right the Wrong of the Greater

Concept: “A linear CY_Crawl based on Skinny Puppy's album "The Greater Wrong Of The Right" made for the Album Crawl 3.0 Y2K Jam. Take your life back from those in power and scale their brutalist tower to Right the Wrong… Each room of the crawl is based of a track from the album. Lyrical content was the main source of inspiration for what happens in each.”
Content: A revenge mission/crawl up through a high-rise, set to Skinny Puppy.
Writing: Location/track pairings served with atmospheric details about each site and the goings-on there that the punks might run into during their ascent.
Art/Design: Overall aesthetic as record sleeves & inserts, with a mix of hand-drawn illustrations, pasted/collaged elements, and screenprinting. Maps, location features, and NPC portraits are all provided.
Usability: Organization of content is easy to follow, with alternating text/graphic pages and consistent labeling and fore/ground contrast throughout. However, text is not selectable, which might impact some readers’ experience.
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