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Day 20

Boomhunter's Laughter & Satisfaction

Concept: “Burnchurch Hex’s latest [dist/att]raction is a kill club run by the infamous chromediator Boomhunter, a chromed out kill-club veteran with gunpowder cologne and grenades for jewels. To him, the only thing better than a good kill is a thumpin soundtrack.”
Content: Just about everything a GM might need to provide players with an entertaining time at a kill club: notable NPCs, locations, events/activities (and how to bet on them), and enemies to face off against.
Writing: Plenty of imaginative world-building detail supported with brief rules and mechanics when needed.
Art/Design: Two versions are provided: one that hews closely to the Cy_Borg design aesthetic, with a variety of two-page spread layouts, colors, and fonts; and one that offers a simple, printer-friendly black-on-white single-column arrangement of content. 
Usability: Text in both versions is mostly high-contrast, although in the ‘regular’ version, some font choices and spread background ‘busy-ness’ may impact readability for some readers. Relationships between different content types/sections are visually distinct, thanks to consistent shifts in font size and bolding.


  • Concept: “A compilation of items, rules, enemies, and more for CY_BORG based on the Exeunt Press #MÖRKTOBER 2023 prompts. Originally posted on @krasiph.bsky.social and compiled here for ease of use. Some entries have been modified to include extra information such as prices and item types.”
  • Content: Thirty-one spooktacular entries reflecting the year’s Mőrktober prompts, from weapons/apps/gear to NPCs to powers, food, and environmental phenomena.
  • Writing: 1-2 brief paragraphs of potent content (descriptive and informative/mechanical) for each entry to frame it within the prompt’s overarching theme.
  • Art/Design: Mostly black-on-white (some white-on-black) with green highlights with a range of item heading fonts and accented background splatter effects. 
  • Usability: Consistent content elements–heading, item number, description–facilitate browsing, even as arrangement of list items deviates at times from left->right, top->bottom orientation. Plain text version is also provided for potentially easier perusal.

Project P.R.E.S.E.N.T.

Concept: “When you really really REALLY need to make someone go away, give them a final gift with the P.R.E.S.E.N.T. - Personal Rectilinear Electromagnetic Slug Emitter; Neutralizes Targets. It's gonna cost you, but can you really put a price on joy?”
Content: A highly illegal weapon for when a punk needs to absolutely obliterate an opponent as well as anyone or anything with the misfortune of standing behind that opponent.
Writing: Terse details leave plenty of room for imaginative interpretation.
Art/Design: Mix of black-on-white and black-on-bright pink/purple and red. Primarily single-column text save for weapon name and damage, which frame the main content area. 
Usability: Plain text version is provided for potentially easier reading experience.

The Frozen

Concept: “That cold lump in your throat…
That shiver down your spine…
That sinking feeling in the dead of night…
The Frozen is pure fear made manifest; a coagulation of psychic dread from the collective consciousness of every living thing. It is a pitiless creature that delights in tormenting mortals. While it is capable of tearing flesh and breaking bone with ease, it prefers to sow terror, weakening the mind of its victims to the breaking point before offering them a choice: Death or Service.”
Content: An enemy provided with stats/contextualization for multiple game systems, including Cy_Borg as a psychotic AI. (Non-Cy_Borg elements not reviewed here.) 
Writing: Descriptive text frames the Frozen effectively within the context of CY and mechanical effects reflect its potent capabilities.
Art/Design: White text in one- and two-column arrangements over a dark background that mixes a rainy cityscape and flat black. 
Usability: Distinct sections of content are visually identifiable, with clear headings and labels to indicate what each element’s purpose is and how it relates to those around it.
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