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Concept: “10 additional Cybertechs for CY_BORG.”
Content: A set of cybertech options for further bodily customization
Writing: Cybertech names and features are imaginative, suggesting creative opportunities for timely uses. 
Art/Design: Two-column spread, with table of cybertech options on the left and a black-and-white illustration of an individual with significant cybernetic modifications.
Usability: Table contents are cleanly organized, with color highlights for table row numbers and costs for each cybertech.

An Evening at the Bionic Swan

Concept: “Dr. Ethan Nett was a lead scientist at United Citadel Security, working on an injectable, tactical A.I. enhancement for operatives. A project that was due to be shut down. However, in a moment of weakness and arrogance, Dr. Nett injected the prototype Built-in Urban Didactic Defensive Intelligent Entity (B.U.D.D.I.E.) into himself in the hopes of continuing the work off-site. Unfortunately for Dr. Nett, B.U.D.D.I.E. has managed to hijack his higher brain functions and is taking his body on a joyride. B.U.D.D.I.E. is also riddled with bugs, has a largely unstable personality and is the equivalent of an 8 year old with the processing power of a minor god.”
Content: A job to either capture/secure a scientist or extract them from imminent danger.
Writing: Engaging details for entertaining setup, execution, and aftermath/consequences of the mission. 
Art/Design: Primarily white text on black in one-, two-, and three-column layouts, with occasional images–NPC portraits, silhouettes of ambient sights, and a map and logo for the bar itself.
Usability: Consistent visual grammar throughout document to indicate how each section and content element relates to the others. Helpful blue lines plot a path from one text box to the next to indicate order of unfolding events.

A Piece of the Auction

Concept: “A priceless NFT known as the Mona Lizard, goes up for auction at the famous Smotherlee’s Auctioneers tomorrow morning. Your mission is to provide security for a representative of Tulles& deVerte, who wish to add the piece to their private, tax deductible, collection. You will be provided with a driver and special dispensation to enter the hills at Galgbacken where you will collect Mx. Angel Solscraper, before continuing on to the auction house in South Central.”
Content: A scenario for the group that wants to rub elbows with the elite but also to engage in copious amounts of violence.
Writing: Focused descriptions of hook, relevant NPCs, and unfolding events all offer GMs plenty of material to build on.
Art/Design: Colorful, mostly single-column high-contrast text layouts with a variety of illustrative styles to complement page specifics. An overhead map of the auction house is provided as well.
Usability: Font choices (typefaces, size, colors) make for easy reading and consistently recognizable navigation throughout the supplement.


Concept: “The name Adam is a ghost story corporate execs use to frighten new recruits. A faceless, unfeeling, calculating master assassin that only targets Central’s elites. Or at least he was a ghost story…”
Content: A dungeonesque excursion to hunt down an elusive corporate assassin.
Writing: Prolific details about the scenario, locations, potential events/encounters, and options that a GM might elect to include, provided in a straightforward and engaging style.
Art/Design: Dark backgrounds with one- and two-column text layouts with a variety of illustrations that draw attention to important components on each page (characters and events, especially).
Usability: High contrast between text and background facilitates reading, with font choices and colors that offer a consistently accessible experience for navigating and locating desired information, from NPC stats to roll/encounter outcomes.


Concept: “A mid level exec has lapsed into a coma after an unwise deep dive into the sewer levels of the net. When he came back up, it was with a permanent look of horror and endless babbling about ‘the woman’, yelping in terror at random moments, reacting to something that no-one else could see. He’s actually infected with the BANSHEE virus. It hijacks the carrier’s audio and visual implants, terrorising them until their brains overload and shut down.”
Content: A gig that takes a party of punks into an exec’s dying mind in search of important data.
Writing: A swirl of informative exposition and characterful style to situate a game group inside the mind of their target and all the horrors residing there. 
Art/Design: Colorful one- and two-column text layouts, with each page having its own aesthetic and an accompanying illustration.  
Usability: Text is easily readable across pages and assorted font choices, with each page’s organization recognizable through text size and color distinctions for headings/labels and body content.

Character Sheets

Concept: “Fillable character sheets of two kinds; the OG color explosion and a more minimalistic one in case you don't want your printer to suffer.”
Content: The official character sheet for the punk who's ready to fuck shit up.
Writing: Mostly limited to labels for sheet fields, although a few very brief details help serve as reference/reminder for Nano, Apps, Glitches, and Equipment roll-related specifics.
Art/Design: Black-on-white with pink highlights (and a more printer-friendly version without pink) that arranges character information in visually distinct fields–some with creatively represented shapes and signs!--across three major columns.
Usability: Fields are fillable, allowing for easy continued use digitally or printing. Not all field labels are selectable, so screen reader users might have trouble identifying where to insert relevant details.

Corp Index

Concept: “More in-depth intel on the rulers of Cy. The Corp info appendix ripped straight out of the CY_BORG book. Includes the main Corps and their leaders, businesses, HQs and possible adventure sparks.”
Content: Four pages of corporation names, logos, slogans, business ventures and holdings; important NPC info; inter-company rivalries and tensions; and other juicy tidbits to flesh out the world.
Writing: Crisp, concise details speak a wide range of possibilities into the imagination, from political machinations to secrets to violent conflicts, without limiting how to realize or incorporate them into a game.
Art/Design: Black-and-white flat design scheme of software application windows melds contemporary aesthetics with text-centric retro UIs.
Usability: Alphabetized organization of each corporation’s set of windows is consistent and easy to navigate, with key terms/names/etc. bolded for quick identification of desired info.

Corp Net Spam

Concept: “A virtual maelstrom of Net posts, viral feed spam and other in-world messages regarding the main antagonists; the corporations and the cults. Don't believe everything you read. Be vigilant.”
Content: A treasure trove of plot hooks/seeds presented as assorted in-universe social media posts and headlines that each relate in some way to one or more of the major corporations in CY.
Writing: Extremely engaging hints at, and outright accusations of, a wide variety of reasons to take down each of the big corps–not that a PC needs more reasons to do so.
Art/Design: Translucent text boxes that resemble software application windows over a dark background with paint and graffiti patterns scattered across it, Several text-centric message windows are positioned around each corporation name and logo presented in its own window.
Usability: Significant font size and type differences across windows can slow down the navigation and reading experience (and evokes the noise of net traffic), but high-contrast window borders visually distinguish the parameters of each message and, thanks to some window overlap, which nearby corporation it relates to.

Cyber Personality Tables

Concept: “Optional tables to be used with your Cyberpunk or modern day games... well, lets just say it aloud -- it's intended to be used with CY_BORG first and foremost. It's absolutely awesome, just stop playing anything else right now. On a single page here you will find a broad diversity of cultural and visual aesthetic touches that you can easily apply to your PC or NPC characters, enhancing the level of immersion. It could be completely random or by your responsible choice, as it suits you and the nature of your games. As a note: for your character's gender definition you can use two types of randomization, d20 (higher chances to get cisgender result) and d12 (even chances between results). Use the one that fits your games. And feel free to pick anything that better suits your character. Zero offense intended.”
Content: A set of tables relating to personality, from ethnic background and gender identity to outfit style and hair & nail color.
Writing: A wide variety of options available in each table (from 8 to 40, depending on the table) that can help customize a punk.
Art/Design: Green on black boxes over a partial portrait of a punk character.
Usability: Consistent presentation across tables and high contrast between fore and ground make this usable and accessible.

Cyberpunk Weapon Generator

Concept: A cyberpunk weapon generator.
Content: Details on a weapon one might find, complete with info about the manufacturer, designation, codename, condition, and weapon type.
Writing: Mostly single-word terms offer a surprising amount of character for each weapon, in part thanks to the combination of fields making each generated weapon feel unique.
Art/Design: Output is provided on a lightly stylized Google Spreadsheet, so text is large and positioned under each clearly labeled column.
Usability: Very readable layout and font choices, and refreshing the page will generate a new weapon quickly.
Free Tools Browser

cy_borg character generator

Concept: A web-based character generator.
Content: A generator that includes saving and ‘copy to clipboard’ functionality.
Writing: N/A (copy is taken from rulebook)
Art/Design: Clean, simple organization with distinct sections of content for stats, abilities, equipment, etc.
Usability: Single column layout with horizontal rules to separate sections allows for quick decisions to save or roll another character.

Cy_Borg Gallery

Concept: “All my Mörk Borg/Cy_Borg fanart can be used freely by anyone, without having to ask me and without crediting me!”
Content: A range of brightly colored images, mostly portraits, that fit into the world of CY.
Writing: Each image is accompanied by a brief description by the creator about the subject's name or occupation.
Art/Design: A gritty neon take on the cyberpunk “high tech, low life” juxtaposition as filtered through the harsh and messy Cy_Borg aesthetic.
Usability: Images are incredibly high resolution when clicked on from the gallery view.

Cy_Borg Grey Tone Gallery

Concept: “All my Mörk Borg/Cy_Borg fanart can be used freely by anyone, without having to ask me and without crediting me!”
Content: A range of grayscale images, mostly portraits, that fit into the world of CY.
Writing: Each image is accompanied by a brief description by the creator about the subject's name or occupation.
Art/Design: A stark black-and-white take on the cyberpunk “high tech, low life” juxtaposition as filtered through the harsh and messy Cy_Borg aesthetic.
Usability: Images are incredibly high resolution when clicked on from the gallery view.


Concept: “Generate an infinite number of baddies that wander the streets of Cy. Capable of generating GOONS, DRONES, BEASTS, CYDROIDS, PHREAKS and VEHICLES.”
Content: A generator for NPC enemies that can be quickly refreshed for countless combinations and possibilities.
Writing: Sharp, concise descriptions of NPCs with stats and, occasionally, special traits, all of which bring a given character, creature, or object to life. Names are kept general (“goons,” “beasts,” etc.) to let GMs decide how to define them further.
Art/Design: Early Windows GUI aesthetic focuses attention on textual descriptions of NPCs, but a small map of Cy on the left side of the window points to locations in the city where the NPCs can be found.
Usability: “Export” function copies the currently generated NPC information to the clipboard as plain text for easy usage. Early Windows GUI aesthetic has only a few buttons to click for quick generation.

d100 Things Found in a Gonk's Pocket

Concept: “Trinkets, trash, and trouble…”
Content: An alphabetized list of assorted items that might be found in the pockets of an inhabitant of CY.
Writing: Concise, wide-ranging inventory to help bring a character to life.
Art/Design: A two-page spread with a glitchy portrait on the left and the list in two columns to the right.
Usability: Extremely navigable and readable with high contrast between fore and ground.
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