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J.C. Connors

Amethyst Reign

Concept: “This month’s adventure sends some street toughs on a ridiculously difficult mission — assassinate one of the world’s most famous musicians, hours before he releases his hotly-anticipated new album. He’s holed himself up in a secret recording studio, and now the PCs need to track him down and kill him before his new album influences a new generation.”
Content: A job to take down a musician before the night is over.
Writing: If most Cy_Borg missions are stripped-down punk that hint at options a GM might use, this incredibly detailed gig is prog metal. Plenty of specific considerations to address a wide variety of possible PC actions.
Art/Design: Two-column layout (plus some handouts and pre-generated character sheets) with black text on a light background supplemented with full-color illustrations, blue-on-green maps with white labels, and NPC stat boxes. 
Usability: Consistent organization, arrangement, headings/labels, and readable text all contribute to an easily navigable and usable document.
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