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Corp Net Spam

Concept: “A virtual maelstrom of Net posts, viral feed spam and other in-world messages regarding the main antagonists; the corporations and the cults. Don't believe everything you read. Be vigilant.”
Content: A treasure trove of plot hooks/seeds presented as assorted in-universe social media posts and headlines that each relate in some way to one or more of the major corporations in CY.
Writing: Extremely engaging hints at, and outright accusations of, a wide variety of reasons to take down each of the big corps–not that a PC needs more reasons to do so.
Art/Design: Translucent text boxes that resemble software application windows over a dark background with paint and graffiti patterns scattered across it, Several text-centric message windows are positioned around each corporation name and logo presented in its own window.
Usability: Significant font size and type differences across windows can slow down the navigation and reading experience (and evokes the noise of net traffic), but high-contrast window borders visually distinguish the parameters of each message and, thanks to some window overlap, which nearby corporation it relates to.