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Concept: “Generate an infinite number of baddies that wander the streets of Cy. Capable of generating GOONS, DRONES, BEASTS, CYDROIDS, PHREAKS and VEHICLES.”
Content: A generator for NPC enemies that can be quickly refreshed for countless combinations and possibilities.
Writing: Sharp, concise descriptions of NPCs with stats and, occasionally, special traits, all of which bring a given character, creature, or object to life. Names are kept general (“goons,” “beasts,” etc.) to let GMs decide how to define them further.
Art/Design: Early Windows GUI aesthetic focuses attention on textual descriptions of NPCs, but a small map of Cy on the left side of the window points to locations in the city where the NPCs can be found.
Usability: “Export” function copies the currently generated NPC information to the clipboard as plain text for easy usage. Early Windows GUI aesthetic has only a few buttons to click for quick generation.

d100 Things Found in a Gonk's Pocket

Concept: “Trinkets, trash, and trouble…”
Content: An alphabetized list of assorted items that might be found in the pockets of an inhabitant of CY.
Writing: Concise, wide-ranging inventory to help bring a character to life.
Art/Design: A two-page spread with a glitchy portrait on the left and the list in two columns to the right.
Usability: Extremely navigable and readable with high contrast between fore and ground.


Concept: “In the shadowy depths of neon-lit Cy_, where man, creature, and machine meld into one, enigmatic |0r3N_C0@lM@N3|, a [de]cryptoZoologist, obsesses about cryptids. Offering bountiful creds or cutting-edge apps as rewards, she lures runners into capturing these elusive beings, her true intentions shrouded in mystery.”
Content: A collection of useful cryptid-related information and inspiration: a NPC and their laboratory, several NPCs, and a set of apps.
Writing: Descriptive overviews for entries along with mechanics that reflect the character of each.
Art/Design: Trifold pamphlet layout with pink and white on black, with each panel presented mostly as a single column of text and glitch-aesthetic illustrations.
Usability: Layout and text contrast provides easy reading and browsing for desired info.

Defrosted Relic of the Past

Concept: “One moment you're living your life in the everyday world of smart phones and student loans. Next thing you know, you're out on the streets of CY, everyone you've ever known is dead and nothing makes sense anymore.”
Content: A class for the outcast who loves reflecting on their situation with critical distance and who wants to lean hard on being a fish out of water. 
Writing: Hilarious pastiches of the “relic” trope through media with the occasional heart-rending vignette/idea that underscores the terror of life in CY.
Art/Design: Really bold yellow/pink color scheme for text-heavy content with an adorably wary pencil sketch of a relic looking over their shoulder. 
Usability: High contrast fore/ground and easily recognizable content blocks make for easy recognition of the purpose for every element.

Descent to the Dark Net

Concept: “>> Welcome to the twisted amalgamation of junky code and depravity that we call The Net, where non-euclidean labyrinthine nooks and crannies will leave you feeling both bewildered and exhilarated. But don't be fooled, for there is still a twisted structure lurking within the chaos, with some arcane notion of up and down.”
Content: A collection of Net-focused locations, tables, NPCs, enemies, and rules for app-like scripting.
Writing: Bursts of intense and ominous detail that shines light on myriad dimensions of the Net that punks might seek out or otherwise come across..
Art/Design: Pixelated and monospace fonts appear throughout on a number of distinct page layouts with a variety of color and graphic elements.
Usability: Despite the variety of layouts, text is consistently readable–pages with complex graphic elements keep text on simpler backgrounds. Note: text content for the scripting rules page is not searchable/selectable.

Digital Generators

Concept: A set of web-based generators for creating punks, NPCs, and mission parameters.
Content: Automatically generated content for instant access to a potential PC, NPC, or job to undertake.
Writing: Concisely delivered content from Cy_Borg rulebook.
Art/Design: High-contrast yellow and white text on a black background, with distinct sections visually separated with yellow borders. Left-side menu allows for selection of a specific generator.
Usability: Large “click to reset” button provides a full refresh of page content for a new set of output, while headings on the “Mission” generator can be clicked for specific-section re-generation of content. Side menu options may be difficult for some to read.

Discarded Animatronic Toy

Concept: “You don’t remember who owned you, just that you used to belong. Maybe you went out of fashion. Maybe someone outgrew you. Some tech-head fished you out of the gutter, patched you up and set you loose on the streets, burdening you with the curse of sapience, just for kicks.”
Content: A class for anyone who wants something big–and violent, and terrifying–in a small package. Making this happen is child’s play, really.
Writing: Hilarious class details/features with which to develop a nuanced murder-bot that can hold its own without feeling one-note. 
Art/Design: Vivid sketch of an example character atop a psychedelic background pattern. Text blocks in different fonts and colors provide distinct information across spread.
Usability: Visually distinct text areas provide distinct types of content. Some of the text can be a bit difficult to read against the busy background pattern.

Disenfranchised Unionite

Concept: “Cost of living and injuries skyrocket, wages and work conditions remain pitiful. Sick of the bullshit, you joined the Ungrateful Unionites, and quietly organized a local. Then you all got doxxed. Everyone was made an example of: gunned down by CySec, or sent to scream in black, bloody room——wishing they were. Everyone but you.”
Content: A class for the worker who has nothing to lose and everything to topple.
Writing: Vivid class features/details will definitely make a player want to organize, agitate, and overthrow. “Rage” mechanic offers additional means for accomplishing goals.
Art/Design: Industrial aesthetic with red/green color scheme complemented by a bit-art flyer for the union. Text organized in two-page spread.
Usability: Combinations of highlighted and italicized text, along with high-contrast colors, make for easy reading and navigation.

Dock 47

Concept: “You are hired by one of the most prominent gangs in CY. Your target is their former high ranking officer, Marco D’Elysio. Marco, after ratting out on his own organization, was promised immunity. The police, as usual, didn’t give a shit about their promise and left him out in the cold. He is now trying to escape in a cargo ship. But there are some complications - the engine is busted and the captain is missing. Dock 47, where the ship is sitting, is closed and full of bodyguards, those who are still loyal to Marco.”
Content: An opportunity to assassinate a rat on a docked vessel.
Writing: Several lists/tables relating to the gig/location are provided, as is a set of optional challenges for the punks to complete. Each of these entries offers a very brief but characterful dimension to the job.
Art/Design: Wide spread with text on the left and labeled maps of the ship and dock on the right. Almost entirely black-on-white except for the adventure title. 
Usability: Font choices are easily readable and each section is consistently organized to quickly identify and navigate to desired info. Unfortunately, text is not embedded, so searching/selecting is not possible.

Dying Star

Concept: “You sung the theme of revolution. Now, you desperately run from entropy.”
Content: A class for the has-been who’s not quite ready to burn out or fade away. 
Writing: Intriguing class features that reflect artistic creation (with a game mechanics dimension), vices, and origin stories.
Art/Design: A red-tinged illustration of dying star characters overlaid with contrasting patches of space where class details are laid out. 
Usability: Content is arranged in distinct areas that make for easier navigation. Font choices and color scheme can be difficult for some to read, in part due to overall busy nature of the spread. Class is provided as .png file, so text is not embedded, making it difficult for searching/copying/pasting or using a screen reader.

Enter Red Room

Concept: “The rumors spread like blood leaking from a wound. Everybody knows somebody who watched a red room. Some of those people have disappeared, others claim to be continual viewers. No matter what they say, you have stumbled upon a supposed invite for a red room in a dark corner of the net. A door stands in front of you, screams heard from the other side. Do you dare open the door? Do you dare enter the RED ROOM?”
Content: A cluster of plot ideas, relevant rumors, and random table additions to set the stage for a mission focused on the mysterious red room.
Writing: Brief but clever details to help assemble a suitable job for a group of net-interested punks.
Art/Design: Two columns of black text on a dark red background, with a cover/title page showing two doors, one labeled ‘yes’ and the other ‘no’.
Usability: Text contrast allows for readability, and each list is easily distinguishable from the others to facilitate navigation and identification of specific info.

Fichas Alternativas para CY_BORG en Español

Concept: “Diez fichas no oficiales en castellano para usar en vuestras partidas de CY_BORG. PDF con páginas en formato A4 y en doble página en formato A.”
Content: A set of brightly colored character sheets, each with its own background hues and patterns.
Writing: Faithfully translated character sheet labels and explanations.
Art/Design: A range of fonts are used to indicate different fields, with a page layout that closely resembles the official sheet.
Usability: The font and color combinations make for mostly high-contrast readability across page.

Free Salvager

Concept: “Most people just see the surface of the water, but there’s a lot down there if you know where to look. Wrecks, stashes, secrets of all kinds, some going back centuries…who knows how deep and old things get?”
Content: A class for the enterprising underwater dumpster diver–another scumbag’s trash is your sunken treasure.
Writing: Description and mechanics are concise and clear, with straightforward indications of the scope of the class.
Art/Design: A dark blue, watery background offers helpful contrast to the white text in this spread.
Usability: Class details are easy to recognize and navigate, with strategic bolding to highlight important elements that complete the character.

Gigapixel Tower Place

Concept: “For use in CY_BORG as a test for the party on a roadway crossing of Central Cy, with campaign potential in respect of the pikecorps and their use of pikecraft.”
Content: An automotive scenario to complicate punks’ lives as they travel through CY. 
Writing: Predominantly in-universe description for the punks themselves, supplemented with brief explanations of relevant mechanics/triggers while traveling.
Art/Design: Two pages, one with a colorful map of the turnpike and general info, while the other features a table with the scenario rules and mechanics.
Usability: Text overlaid on page 1 map has a translucent background to help with readability, while page 2 table uses shading and border emphasis to indicate different cells’ relationship to one another. Map has color coding (green, yellow, orange, red), but it’s not immediately evident as to what the colors represent.

Glitchpunk Bands and Their Worst Albums

Concept: A random generator that displays a glitchpunk band name and the name of their worst album.
Content: A generator to immediately provide depth and atmosphere to life in CY.
Writing: Band and album name lists are both hilariously over-the-top and also seem completely appropriate for the genre.
Art/Design: Simple page design with a generator button beneath the main text output area, which provides some color-coordinated indication of static and randomized content. 
Usability: Easily identifiable “kill the band” button functionality to generate new bands/albums. Text is mostly readable, although blue on black might be difficult for some to discern.
Free Browser Rules

G.M.M. or Grotesque Mutant Mushroom

Concept: “A Fungal themed Zine to Cy_Borg, It contains: 3 Enemies; 4 Themed Items; Hallucination condition.”
Content: A cluster of mushroom-based threats and loot.
Writing: Brief mechanics-focused stat blocks with thematically potent names and descriptions.
Art/Design: Two pages of bright pink and blue with green, with the first page having a fungal background image. 
Usability: Color scheme and layout feel appropriately chaotic for the theme, but color intensity and relative lack of consistent organization may lead some readers to overlook important elements (e.g., small-text Hallucination rule just above the 3rd party license on p. 1).

Gritbeat: 6x66 Songbooks

Concept: “Gritbeat 6x66 Songbooks provides d66 albums to listen to as soundtrack for your cyberpunk RPG sessions, for six separate moods/settings.”
Content: Six tables of albums suitable for Cy_Borg games, organized by general atmosphere: cinematic, cerebral, urban, visceral, heavy, disruptive.
Writing: Tables are consistently organized, with artist name, album title, and year of release. A set of hashtags is provided to help further clarify or help with determining each table’s usefulness for a given session/table’s intended ambience.
Art/Design: Table content is provided in two three-column spreads, with a different image evoking CY as the background for each table.
Usability: Each table is easy to navigate, with artist names in bold to help distinguish visually from album title and year of release.


Concept: “Your favourite evil corporation experimented with infecting gene-edited hamsters with nanites which resulted in horrible mutations.”
Content: A furry nightmare sure to overwhelm a party of punks, whether with murder or a slew of infestations.
Writing: Concise mix of adorable and haunting plot hook and creature stats.
Art/Design: An ominous portrait of an infected hamster stares at the reader while plot hooks and stats line either side.
Usability: A simple layout and immediately distinguishable color-coded content blocks make this incredibly easy to locate and make use of desired details.

Highway 666 Grand Tour 1 Page Concept

Concept: “Wasteland adventure with mad bandits, cannibals, and unspeakable things that hide in the badlands. The completed project would have tables for natural and unnatural weather events, terrain, vehicles, warbands, loot, and combat scenarios.”
Content: A stripped-down one-page highway adventure/crawl.
Writing: Very little detail, with tables of brief options (most wanted NPCs, unexplained sightings, terrain, and more).
Art/Design: Handwritten text in several boxes across three major columns of content, framed by a simple map of the adventure above the text and a series of portraits below, along with a sketch of a car.
Usability: Some text may be very difficult for some to read, both in terms of the handwriting legibility and the variable contrast of pencil and ink on scanned paper. Content is provided as a .png, which will further reduce potential readability (as text is not embedded).

HST.3.33 and Other Machine Foes

Concept: “On the rain-slick streets of the city, a rogue ai lashes out at corruption. the machine strikes with typewriter and guns, raising awareness where possible and inflicting punishment when necessary. HST.3.33 is a machine on a mission and will stop at nothing to bring down the corporate criminals who control the world. Unfortunately, HST.3.33 is also an alcoholic, drug-addicted, insane monstrosity. the meat parts of the thing's cybernetic shell are desperate for mezcal, LSD, and PCP.  The alcoholic, drug-addicted, insane machine is a terror or a folk hero depending on the time of day. Which version of the rogue ai will you meet?“
Content: Visually: a rogue AI and several additional robotic creatures that can ruin any punk’s day. Aurally: four soundscape tracks that inject an electronic noirish-western mood into one’s eardrums.
Writing: NPC stats are surrounded by intensely atmospheric passages, from technical descriptions to narrative vignettes.
Art/Design: A mix of slick and messy aesthetic that presents information across two wide spreads, with several images of included creatures in different artistic styles.
Usability: Different kinds of content–and there’s a lot of content on these pages!--are easily distinguishable and presented in readable fore/ground contrast (although white on bright red might be difficult for some).

Incorporated Cheat

Concept: “They always rig the system against you. We were supposed to be in the big leagues by now and look where they left all of us. You decided to take matters into your own hands. You’d win. At any cost. You’d play at one game, any side as long as you’re on top. Even if you cheat.”
Content: A class for the doublecrossing, backstabbing, roguish scoundrel at heart.
Writing: Fantastically colorful descriptions and labels for class features, with intriguing mechanics to match (including a morale component).
Art/Design: Several UI windows scattered across much of the spread provide some unique flavor (gambling aesthetics, blood splatter background, etc.), while a muted image of a cheat frames the right side of the page.
Usability: Separate windows/boxes for distinct content assists with navigation and location of desired info. However, as a PNG, class text is not embedded, so searching or copying/pasting is unavailable.

Legendary Cheat Codes

Concept: “Ultra rear secrets cheat codes for your weapons rumored in the dark web.”
Content: Unlockable modifications for firearms–if one can find the cheat sheet for them.
Writing: Brief setup and modification details that allow a GM to work the cheat codes into their game as they desire.
Art/Design: Two white-on-black images, each with a block of text (setup) above three-column presentation of weapon mods, with a neon-colored glitch art illustration of a gun below.
Usability: Text is high contrast with clearly labeled sections of content, but due to JPG format, text is not selectable/searchable.

Lucky Duck Mystery Vending Machine

Concept: “Quack Quack! Compatible with CY_BORG and made for the URBN_LGND.exe jam.”
Content: A vending machine that provides an assortment of items–some trinkets, some useful items, and potentially more.
Writing: Inventive item names offer entertaining potential, and vending machine rumor/secret extends that significantly.
Art/Design: Three-column layout of basic info, vending machine contents, and a glitch-like illustration of a vending machine below a lucky duck icon.
Usability: Visually, content is extremely easy to navigate and identify. File is provided as an image, so text cannot be selected/searched or recognized by a screen reader.

Map of CY

Concept: “The negacity Cy is ever expanding, ever changing. A living, dying leviathan. Find your way around its sectors, isles and alleyways with this map. Comes in two sizes; big and huge.”
Content: High-resolution map of CY useful for GMs and players alike.
Writing: Neighborhood/region names overlaid on the map as well as in a key at the bottom of the map.
Art/Design: Harsh, eye-popping colors and grainy black-and-white satellite aesthetics bring the dystopia to life.
Usability: Map is available in PDF and JPG formats. Color-coded regions/sectors are helpful for a quick glance of geographical relationships and proximities, although text labels for neighborhoods etc. can be difficult to read over the map details.

Meat in Mosscroft

Concept: “There are rumors of a warehouse owned by Gene Industrial in Mosscroft containing actual real steaks. These Bromaha steaks are supposedly in a huge walk in freezer, and they should get collected before word gets out. The street gang is offering 2d10 x 1K credits for the steaks. If they accept, Nimo will provide a small piece of paper with the address of the warehouse.”
Content: A beef break-in with the bonus of beaucoup bucks.
Writing: Deadpan descriptions lay out the absurdity of the situation, which should help a GM create a unique and memorable experience for their table.
Art/Design: Landscape-oriented pages with bright colored text on black background accompanied by relevant images of NPCs, corporate logos, and a simple map of the target facility.
Usability: Almost every block of text is a different color and font or text size than the others and positioned differently on each page, but each font is easily readable and all text is embedded for quick searching/selecting.


Concept: “A random mission generator compatible with CY_BORG.” 
Content: A web-based generator for the GM or player who wants to be inspired by the shotgun blast of immediate world-building results displayed on the screen.
Writing: Concise categories (based in part on Mörk Borg’s dungeon generator) frame answers to relevant questions (e.g., “The PCs are contacted by a _____”) and arranged to reveal an unfolding narrative for a GM to build an encounter or adventure around.
Art/Design: Stark, high-contrast, three-color, text-only layout distinguishes different sections of content with clear headers and mouseover highlighting of each element. Range of color options available for semi-customized display to fit the viewer’s aesthetic.
Usability: Countless possibilities can be generated quickly, or individual elements can be clicked to iterate through options more granually. Generated output can be printed or downloaded for preservation.

Nuclear God-Lizard

Concept: “A 120-meter-tall monster emerges from the waters around Cy. Its behavior baffles scientists and officials; it isn’t hunting or nesting, it just moves.”
Content: A scenario for surviving the onslaught of an unstoppable roving apocalypse.
Writing: Focused, direct descriptions of a wide range of relevant factors (from available subplots to environmental obstacles to military actions) provide GMs with an immersive adventure/experience for their players.
Art/Design: Current ashcan edition has a simple, barebones layout subject to change when more art assets are finalized. 
Usability: Different kinds of content are immediately distinguishable, high-contrast fore/ground colors assist accessibility, and navigation through the document is incredibly easy.

Obsolete Dumpster Diver

Concept: “You were state-of-the-art for an instant, until the new model made you OBSOLETE and they threw you away. Now, you scour the cy-waste pits searching for operable cast-off mods and implants to combat your CONTRIVED DURABILITY.”
Content: A class for the DIY/found-art self-improvement addict. 
Writing: Class details focus on mechanics explanations with bursts of powerfully thematic descriptors. 
Art/Design: Eye-searing pink and yellow contrasts well with black background and comparatively muted white text on this two-page spread. Illustration of an example obsolete dumpster diver serves as a centerpiece for idea generation.
Usability: Class information is easy to read and navigate, with excellent use of text tracking to indicate important ability-related information.


Concept: “A gaping maw beneath an all seeing eye. How badly do want to die? In the first waves of the demonic incursion into C.A.U’s generators, corpses mounted around energy pylons with staggering speed. Infernal power fused together the pulsating remains which took flight to join the demonic hordes.”
Content: A creature searching for its Doomguy soulmate–to murder them, of course.
Writing: Vividly ominous descriptions and features situate the creature as at home in the CY world. 
Art/Design: Layout centers on an image of the opthalmosphere itself, with creature details surrounding it.
Usability: Text has clear distinctions for different types of content and mostly contrasts starkly with background except for one block of text for a special ability that might be difficult for some to read.

Pablo's Boutique

Concept: “You don’t remember seeing this odd structure here last time your crew came this way. An eye-catching tartan pattern covers this strange tent. A short flag-pole peaks from the top displaying a pink hand axe on a plain black field. A burned wood sign above the entrance reads “Pablo’s Boutique”. The space inside the tent feels expansive- way bigger that it seemed like from the outside. The product displays are spartan chic. Various offerings are for sale here unlike what you would find at your normal local supply store.”
Content: A selection of goods themed around Paul Bunyan and lumberjacks that also are entirely suitable for a punk in CY.
Writing: A balance of descriptions of the boutique’s various areas, the items on display in each, and the mechanics that come into play when a given item is used.
Art/Design: Three two-page spreads of single-column black text on a light background that each feature different kinds of items, with the first spread complemented by an illustration of Pablo and a flannel-pattern background beneath a graphic of a wooden sign. 
Usability: High-contrast text is readable and easy to navigate and distinguish, facilitating quick identification and use of desired info.
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