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One Crooked Dagger

Enter Red Room

Concept: “The rumors spread like blood leaking from a wound. Everybody knows somebody who watched a red room. Some of those people have disappeared, others claim to be continual viewers. No matter what they say, you have stumbled upon a supposed invite for a red room in a dark corner of the net. A door stands in front of you, screams heard from the other side. Do you dare open the door? Do you dare enter the RED ROOM?”
Content: A cluster of plot ideas, relevant rumors, and random table additions to set the stage for a mission focused on the mysterious red room.
Writing: Brief but clever details to help assemble a suitable job for a group of net-interested punks.
Art/Design: Two columns of black text on a dark red background, with a cover/title page showing two doors, one labeled ‘yes’ and the other ‘no’.
Usability: Text contrast allows for readability, and each list is easily distinguishable from the others to facilitate navigation and identification of specific info.
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