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Max Moon Games

Glitchpunk Bands and Their Worst Albums

Concept: A random generator that displays a glitchpunk band name and the name of their worst album.
Content: A generator to immediately provide depth and atmosphere to life in CY.
Writing: Band and album name lists are both hilariously over-the-top and also seem completely appropriate for the genre.
Art/Design: Simple page design with a generator button beneath the main text output area, which provides some color-coordinated indication of static and randomized content. 
Usability: Easily identifiable “kill the band” button functionality to generate new bands/albums. Text is mostly readable, although blue on black might be difficult for some to discern.
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Teenage Rebellion & the System Blower Army

Concept: “The anarchist glitchpunk movement credits SYSTEM BLOWER for its founding and recent explosion centralized in the Ports. This isn't just political noise, it's a full-blown anti-civilization movement, and as the fanbase has grown, the time for action is now! SYSTEM BLOWER has a job for you. Turns out that Celia Samson, the teen progeny of that moron exec at the top of this hill, Marlo Samson, is a huge SYSTEM BLOWER fan but hasn't gone full System Blower Army yet. This is where you come in. SYSTEM BLOWER has a plan that's going to get creds, piss off the hegemony, and stir up a media storm like never before. All you need to do is pull off this heist and create a scene so no one misses it! It would be great if you survived it...but that's not the point. Raid the mansion. Kidnap or convert Celia Samson to the cause, doesn't matter which, just be sure to get her to the finale show before soundcheck...and then it's time to BLOW THE SYSTEM!!!!”
Content: A good old-fashioned adventure scenario: raid a mansion to kidnap a wealthy heiress for cash and publicity.
Writing: A plethora of engaging details about the setup, relevant NPCs, the location, timing-related concerns, and tables for generating band names, albums, and songs.
Art/Design: Vibrant neon colors and mostly white text on a dark translucent background, with a light-colored glitch art pattern behind that. Pictures of NPCs with similar glitch aesthetic appear occasionally throughout the file. Maps provided of the mansion (with both GM and player versions). 
Usability: Text/background contrast makes for pretty easy reading, and headings/labels are visually distinct to assist with navigating supplement and understanding relationships between blocks of content. However, much of the text in the document is not embedded, limiting the ability to search, copy/paste, or use a screen reader.
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