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Paweł Kicman/Heltung Storytelling


Concept: “There is a new drug on the streets called Ambrosia.  It will make you see the gods. Are these GODS real? There are dozens if not hundreds of people seeing them. They are looming over CY like falling planets, ready to steal your soul. Group hallucination? A bug in the system? Does it matter?”
Content: A smorgasbord of fever-dream content: drugs that manifest perceptions of gods (who give unique blessings with killer mechanics!); player classes for a ronin, private eye, amateur wrestler, and moonpunk; tables of people to meet on the street or items to find in the trash; NPCs to fight; drugs, food and gear; and even poetry.
Writing: Thematic punches of flavor that spice up concise and clear mechanical effects. An author’s note indicates some text was generated/aided by AI.
Art/Design: Two-page spreads with unique layout schemes that feel in sync with the aesthetic of the official Cy_Borg rulebook. An author’s note indicates some art was generated/aided by AI, and the variety of styles applied to the book’s spreads is impressive.
Usability: While there is a wide range of fonts and colors on each page spread, high contrast makes the vast majority of content easy to identify and navigate. Text is not embedded (except on a small number of pages), so screen reader and searching/copying/pasting functionalities are mostly unavailable.

The Invisible Man + The Mummy | Enemies for CY_BORG

Concept: “Two new enemies for CY_BORG. Face against The Invisible Man and The Mummy, walking among the citizens of CY. Learn their motives and die by their hands. Over and over and over again. Be scared. Be very, very scared.”
Content: A pair of monsters that marry classic horror with the Cy_Borg hellscape experience.
Writing: Haunting and sympathetic descriptions of and tables & stats for the afflicted creatures.
Art/Design: Stark colors in a side-by-side spread, with an image of each enemy surrounded by its relevant text.
Usability: Text contrasts well with background colors and assorted types of content are easily distinguishable from others.
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