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Cyber Personality Tables

Concept: “Optional tables to be used with your Cyberpunk or modern day games... well, lets just say it aloud -- it's intended to be used with CY_BORG first and foremost. It's absolutely awesome, just stop playing anything else right now. On a single page here you will find a broad diversity of cultural and visual aesthetic touches that you can easily apply to your PC or NPC characters, enhancing the level of immersion. It could be completely random or by your responsible choice, as it suits you and the nature of your games. As a note: for your character's gender definition you can use two types of randomization, d20 (higher chances to get cisgender result) and d12 (even chances between results). Use the one that fits your games. And feel free to pick anything that better suits your character. Zero offense intended.”
Content: A set of tables relating to personality, from ethnic background and gender identity to outfit style and hair & nail color.
Writing: A wide variety of options available in each table (from 8 to 40, depending on the table) that can help customize a punk.
Art/Design: Green on black boxes over a partial portrait of a punk character.
Usability: Consistent presentation across tables and high contrast between fore and ground make this usable and accessible.
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