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Daniel Moszkowicz

Gigapixel Tower Place

Concept: “For use in CY_BORG as a test for the party on a roadway crossing of Central Cy, with campaign potential in respect of the pikecorps and their use of pikecraft.”
Content: An automotive scenario to complicate punks’ lives as they travel through CY. 
Writing: Predominantly in-universe description for the punks themselves, supplemented with brief explanations of relevant mechanics/triggers while traveling.
Art/Design: Two pages, one with a colorful map of the turnpike and general info, while the other features a table with the scenario rules and mechanics.
Usability: Text overlaid on page 1 map has a translucent background to help with readability, while page 2 table uses shading and border emphasis to indicate different cells’ relationship to one another. Map has color coding (green, yellow, orange, red), but it’s not immediately evident as to what the colors represent.
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