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Highway 666 Grand Tour 1 Page Concept

Concept: “Wasteland adventure with mad bandits, cannibals, and unspeakable things that hide in the badlands. The completed project would have tables for natural and unnatural weather events, terrain, vehicles, warbands, loot, and combat scenarios.”
Content: A stripped-down one-page highway adventure/crawl.
Writing: Very little detail, with tables of brief options (most wanted NPCs, unexplained sightings, terrain, and more).
Art/Design: Handwritten text in several boxes across three major columns of content, framed by a simple map of the adventure above the text and a series of portraits below, along with a sketch of a car.
Usability: Some text may be very difficult for some to read, both in terms of the handwriting legibility and the variable contrast of pencil and ink on scanned paper. Content is provided as a .png, which will further reduce potential readability (as text is not embedded).