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Hideouts for CY_BORG

Concept: “This is a subsystem to allow PCs in a CY_BORG campaign to buy and maintain a hideout or base of operations.“
Content: A set of rules for base-building, for the enterprising punks who manage to save enough creds to afford it.
Writing: Direct and helpful explanations of rules options that might work for or against the PC and their properties. 
Art/Design: Mostly single-column body text with several tables of upgrades, misfortunes/threats, and contractors/employees.
Usability: High-contrast text is easily readable, with different kinds of content visually distinct (bolding, font size, table background color, etc.) to help with navigating to desired text.

PC Community Generator

Concept: “This is a tool to build a community for the player characters in a CY_BORG game.”
Content: A set of tables to be rolled and discussed during an initial party’s character creation session to flesh out a community for the PCs to be involved with in some way.
Writing: Succinct, varied options in several tables that breathe life or inspiration into community possibilities.
Art/Design: White text on a purple gradient background, organized in one- and two-column layouts.
Usability: PDF and plain-text versions are both easily readable and navigable.
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