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Sam McKay

Bombles Chewable Grenades

Concept: “Yum! Delicious Bombles Chewable Grenades, a piece of equipment compatible with CY_BORG RPG. (DO NOT SWALLOW)”
Content: A fun and tasty way to weaponize one’s food.
Writing: Concise, direct explanation of bombles and how they operate mechanically.
Art/Design: White-on-pink (and yellow highlights) advertisement aesthetic with an image of a gumball machine on the right side of the page. 
Usability: Info is easy to navigate and recognize particular content details, from bumble flavors to mechanical effects to credit cost. Supplement is provided as an image file, so text is not searchable or selectable.

Lucky Duck Mystery Vending Machine

Concept: “Quack Quack! Compatible with CY_BORG and made for the URBN_LGND.exe jam.”
Content: A vending machine that provides an assortment of items–some trinkets, some useful items, and potentially more.
Writing: Inventive item names offer entertaining potential, and vending machine rumor/secret extends that significantly.
Art/Design: Three-column layout of basic info, vending machine contents, and a glitch-like illustration of a vending machine below a lucky duck icon.
Usability: Visually, content is extremely easy to navigate and identify. File is provided as an image, so text cannot be selected/searched or recognized by a screen reader.

Phreak Phighters

Concept: “PHREAKS have busted out of containment and taken over the Nanogenesis Corporation Tower. Are you a bad enough PUNK to take them out floor by floor?”
Content: A set of rules for an opposed-dice-based arcade game that may or may not serve a more insidious purpose.
Writing: Rules are very concisely explained, while similarly brief description of the game and its creators’ ulterior motive offer potently nostalgic inspiration to those who enjoy(ed) 1980s’ video game tropes.
Art/Design: White text on black and splashes of red with a dither-art illustration to complement the game “pitch” and explanation.
Usability: The primary file is a PNG, but a simple, accessible PDF of the text is provided as well, with clearly labeled headings and whitespace groupings of related content.
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