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Gritbeat: 6x66 Songbooks

Concept: “Gritbeat 6x66 Songbooks provides d66 albums to listen to as soundtrack for your cyberpunk RPG sessions, for six separate moods/settings.”
Content: Six tables of albums suitable for Cy_Borg games, organized by general atmosphere: cinematic, cerebral, urban, visceral, heavy, disruptive.
Writing: Tables are consistently organized, with artist name, album title, and year of release. A set of hashtags is provided to help further clarify or help with determining each table’s usefulness for a given session/table’s intended ambience.
Art/Design: Table content is provided in two three-column spreads, with a different image evoking CY as the background for each table.
Usability: Each table is easy to navigate, with artist names in bold to help distinguish visually from album title and year of release.