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.NetSys Hacking

Concept: “H@ck the Pl@net! Use this streamlined system to hack network, or try to, as your fellow Punks take care of business in meat space. Included are rules to break into and hack systems one node at a time, activate commands in those nodes when accessed, and deal with any ICE or black ICE launched against you in addition to any other virtual denizens or invaders. Also, slot d12 new .Apps into your 'deck designed for use in virtual spaces.”
Content: A set of rules for netrunner-specific hacking procedures, along with brief stats for security/ICE NPC entities and a set of apps to kick that hacking into high gear. Full-color and black-and-white versions of the supplement are included.
Writing: Concise explanations of the hacking workflow and apps, complemented by flavorful names/labels for elements of both.
Art/Design: Full-color version resembles a green terminal UI aesthetic, with color-coded NPC info based on severity of threat and a yellow list of netrunner apps. A sample network diagram/map is included. Black-and-white version provides a clean alternative (although yellow alert symbols appear in both versions).
Usability: Text in both versions is visually identifiable and distinguishable, thanks to color and bolding/underlining to indicate certain kinds of content. Hacking workflow includes code-like line reference numbers and consistent indentation for subordinate/clarification details.

Tenement Living Blues

Concept: “Endless tenements fill the city, each one 10s of stories tall and full of all manner of folk. Your punks probably live in one, maybe even the same one. What's going on in there? A lot it seems… A one sheet tenement crawl generator for Cy_Borg.”
Content: A series of tables and a map for quickly generating a tenement building: inhabitants, loot, obstacles, cross-level transportation options, random events, and sensory information. Provided in both "dark mode" color and print-friendly black/white versions.
Writing: Very brief descriptions and stats to maximize number of tables/options as well as openness of imaginative potential for each generated entity.
Art/Design: Terminal/readout aesthetic with color-coded key elements and isometric map of a typical tenement level.
Usability: Very easy to read, navigate, and understand how to make use of each table, thanks to borders around each table and color/underline use for important details.

The First Job

Concept: “A message from an old friend promises a decent amount of creds, maybe enough to pay off what you owe, or at least get you started. Looks like you are heading into the massive underwater commerce district of Undersjön. Under the pressure of the waters, and just under pressure because of the deadline, can you complete your task and earn your payday?”
Content: A heist scenario with a twist: the punks have to find what they’re looking for before they can begin to think about leaving with it. Two versions provided: a full neon-color version and a printer-friendly black-and-white version.
Writing: Engaging details bring to life the location and the punks’ contact, both of which could serve a table long after this specific adventure. Random encounters and an off-duty cop name generator add personality.
Art/Design: Two major columns of content across two pages, with the full color version using different section background and heading/label colors to help distinguish different kinds of content, while the black-and-white version makes use of section borders and heading/label bolding. An isometric map of the adventure location is provided.
Usability: Text throughout is readable with high contrast against background and is easily identifiable as a component of a particular content section (e.g., random encounters, NPC info, etc.).

The Trouble with Juan

Concept: “Initially just looking for some snacks and road beers at Juan's Bodega, your Punks clock a group of Red Suns looking to rob the place, but more worrying, Juan is missing. And Juan's never closes. Where is he? Can your Punks find out?”
Content: An adventure scenario that seems like a basic bodega battle but can unfold into a more insidious encounter.
Writing: Tons of informative and descriptive sensory details packed into two pages that cover scenario locations, enemy NPCs, interested factions, random events, and more.
Art/Design: Provided in both an eye-searing neon full-color version and a stripped-down black-and-white printer-friendly version, text info occurs in a central section of the page and in clearly marked marginal boxes. Important terms and tests are highlighted with a different color (in the full color version) or in bold (in the printer-friendly version). A simple map of the bodega is provided on page 2.
Usability: Both versions offer a variety of visual cues–font choices, borders, bolding & different colored text–that make it easy to locate, identify, and navigate particular kinds of content.
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