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Tenement Living Blues

Concept: “Endless tenements fill the city, each one 10s of stories tall and full of all manner of folk. Your punks probably live in one, maybe even the same one. What's going on in there? A lot it seems… A one sheet tenement crawl generator for Cy_Borg.”
Content: A series of tables and a map for quickly generating a tenement building: inhabitants, loot, obstacles, cross-level transportation options, random events, and sensory information. Provided in both "dark mode" color and print-friendly black/white versions.
Writing: Very brief descriptions and stats to maximize number of tables/options as well as openness of imaginative potential for each generated entity.
Art/Design: Terminal/readout aesthetic with color-coded key elements and isometric map of a typical tenement level.
Usability: Very easy to read, navigate, and understand how to make use of each table, thanks to borders around each table and color/underline use for important details.