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The First Job

Concept: “A message from an old friend promises a decent amount of creds, maybe enough to pay off what you owe, or at least get you started. Looks like you are heading into the massive underwater commerce district of Undersjön. Under the pressure of the waters, and just under pressure because of the deadline, can you complete your task and earn your payday?”
Content: A heist scenario with a twist: the punks have to find what they’re looking for before they can begin to think about leaving with it. Two versions provided: a full neon-color version and a printer-friendly black-and-white version.
Writing: Engaging details bring to life the location and the punks’ contact, both of which could serve a table long after this specific adventure. Random encounters and an off-duty cop name generator add personality.
Art/Design: Two major columns of content across two pages, with the full color version using different section background and heading/label colors to help distinguish different kinds of content, while the black-and-white version makes use of section borders and heading/label bolding. An isometric map of the adventure location is provided.
Usability: Text throughout is readable with high contrast against background and is easily identifiable as a component of a particular content section (e.g., random encounters, NPC info, etc.).