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The Trouble with Juan

Concept: “Initially just looking for some snacks and road beers at Juan's Bodega, your Punks clock a group of Red Suns looking to rob the place, but more worrying, Juan is missing. And Juan's never closes. Where is he? Can your Punks find out?”
Content: An adventure scenario that seems like a basic bodega battle but can unfold into a more insidious encounter.
Writing: Tons of informative and descriptive sensory details packed into two pages that cover scenario locations, enemy NPCs, interested factions, random events, and more.
Art/Design: Provided in both an eye-searing neon full-color version and a stripped-down black-and-white printer-friendly version, text info occurs in a central section of the page and in clearly marked marginal boxes. Important terms and tests are highlighted with a different color (in the full color version) or in bold (in the printer-friendly version). A simple map of the bodega is provided on page 2.
Usability: Both versions offer a variety of visual cues–font choices, borders, bolding & different colored text–that make it easy to locate, identify, and navigate particular kinds of content.