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Kill Sample Process

Concept: “Kill Sample Process is a stand-alone tabletop miniatures game and rpg setting from the creator of The Last War and Forbidden Psalm, inspired by and fully compatible with the CY_BÖRG ttrpg and other Forbidden Psalm miniatures games.”
Content: A full-blown miniatures skirmish and campaign game set in and using the rules of Cy_Borg: essential concepts, character creation, use of various equipment and abilities, movement and combat, NPC info, campaign details, mission parameters, and more.
Writing: Concise but detailed rules explanations to walk players through the game’s assorted dimensions, making liberal use of atmospheric voice complemented by concise explanation of mechanics.
Art/Design: Hews closely to core Cy_Borg aesthetic with mix of bright/neon colors and dark grittiness, with different sections of the book reflecting distinct page layouts and color schemes. 
Usability: While some font choices are more visually readable than others, high-contrast embedded text throughout makes for easy perusal and location of desired info (supported further by specific references to other page numbers and content sections). A helpful note is provided on the ToC page noting the ability click on page numbers to return to ToC.