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A Hundred Thousand Burned Hackers

Concept: “Nova gives you free drinks sometimes. You pay when you can. Now she needs a favor. Got herself in deep. Owes a lot of creds to some unfriendly goons. Luckily a solution walked into her bar yesterday: Abyrn Bio Corp employee, high on Rattle. Showed her a stolen “HiveShock” NNEMP prototype. Going to use it to blackmail CPHRCORP. Pulse will take out half of Cy. Worth a fortune. Nova spotted a beaconworm tracker on it. Nice tech, but an easy hack. Rooted it while Rattlemouth wasn’t looking. Now it’s her tracker, not whoever planted it.”
Content: A gig to steal some shit for a pal who deserves the help.
Writing: Densely packed details of the target office complex, enemies to encounter, events unfolding, rumors about the op, and more.
Art/Design: Trifold brochure layout with a dark-themed outer set of panels and a light-themed inner set. A labeled map is provided on one panel, and a player-facing map/handout is included as a separate file.
Usability: Sections are clearly distinguished by a consistent set of borders, headings/labels, and panel-based whitespace to facilitate identifying desired information. Text is easily readable and uses high contrast (black on white and white on black).

Heads Frozen in Vaults Enduring

Concept: “Escort a live streamer into the G0 wasteland in search of an underground cryovault! More action means more viewers, and viewers are creds. So remember to smile for the cameras while the nanophreaks shred your face!”
Content: A job to make sure a streamer survives a break-in attempt to a cryo facility, with extra cash on the line if the stream looks dangerous and exciting. A player-facing map and a ‘frozen celeb head generator’ (for potential inclusion in the cryovault) are also provided.
Writing: Tons of imaginatively expressive details provided in brief phrases and statements so that a broad range of locations, enemies, and unfolding events can be mentioned.
Art/Design: Trifold pamphlet layout with mission parameters on the outer panels (with a white-on-black color scheme) and the location/NPC specifics, along with a map, on the inner panels (with a black-on-white scheme).
Usability: Visually apparent organization/arrangement of content, with distinct headings, labels, and section borders to more clearly indicate scope and relation of each to the others. Room descriptions even include references to other rooms via map/description labels for quick navigation.

Prophet of Eternity in Apartment Thirteen Hundred

Concept: “All over Cy, people are getting strange calls on their phone and RCDs. Some hang up immediately. Others begin with a robotic “Can you hear me?” A few claim to be from The Prophet of Eternity proclaiming a new era of AI that will free the city.”
Content: A mission to deal with a robocaller cult on behalf of a group of anarchists.
Writing: An impressive amount of description re: job parameters, goings-on, cult NPCs, and location-specific sensory details. 
Art/Design: Trifold pamphlet layout, with initial job info on the outside (with a statuesque portrait as its background) and tables/lists featuring assorted details on the inner panels in a black-on-white scheme, complete with a labeled map of the destination apartment complex. A black-and-white player-facing handout with map and initial job details is also provided.
Usability: Content sections are visually distinct and consistently styled to facilitate navigation and identification of desired information, complemented by color-coded map labels.
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