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A Hundred Thousand Burned Hackers

Concept: “Nova gives you free drinks sometimes. You pay when you can. Now she needs a favor. Got herself in deep. Owes a lot of creds to some unfriendly goons. Luckily a solution walked into her bar yesterday: Abyrn Bio Corp employee, high on Rattle. Showed her a stolen “HiveShock” NNEMP prototype. Going to use it to blackmail CPHRCORP. Pulse will take out half of Cy. Worth a fortune. Nova spotted a beaconworm tracker on it. Nice tech, but an easy hack. Rooted it while Rattlemouth wasn’t looking. Now it’s her tracker, not whoever planted it.”
Content: A gig to steal some shit for a pal who deserves the help.
Writing: Densely packed details of the target office complex, enemies to encounter, events unfolding, rumors about the op, and more.
Art/Design: Trifold brochure layout with a dark-themed outer set of panels and a light-themed inner set. A labeled map is provided on one panel, and a player-facing map/handout is included as a separate file.
Usability: Sections are clearly distinguished by a consistent set of borders, headings/labels, and panel-based whitespace to facilitate identifying desired information. Text is easily readable and uses high contrast (black on white and white on black).

Prophet of Eternity in Apartment Thirteen Hundred

Concept: “All over Cy, people are getting strange calls on their phone and RCDs. Some hang up immediately. Others begin with a robotic “Can you hear me?” A few claim to be from The Prophet of Eternity proclaiming a new era of AI that will free the city.”
Content: A mission to deal with a robocaller cult on behalf of a group of anarchists.
Writing: An impressive amount of description re: job parameters, goings-on, cult NPCs, and location-specific sensory details. 
Art/Design: Trifold pamphlet layout, with initial job info on the outside (with a statuesque portrait as its background) and tables/lists featuring assorted details on the inner panels in a black-on-white scheme, complete with a labeled map of the destination apartment complex. A black-and-white player-facing handout with map and initial job details is also provided.
Usability: Content sections are visually distinct and consistently styled to facilitate navigation and identification of desired information, complemented by color-coded map labels.
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