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Mandala Studios


Concept: “An easy job !  Just sit around and babysit some corpo doctor and this box. Easy money?”
Content: A gig to retrieve, guard, and escort a person and their cargo to a designated safehouse.
Writing: Prolific details to flesh out the mission and the various groups with interests in its success–or failure.
Art/Design: Trifold brochure format provides initial parameters on the inner panels and later-stage conflicts on the outer panels. Predominantly white/yellow text on black, with NPC stats in black on brightly colored boxes, with portraits and street scenes complementing text. An additional page is provided with a safehouse location map and player-facing ‘breaking news’ info. 
Usability: Color-coded text references draw attention to different NPC interactions, and consistent use of content section color and shape makes for easy identification of desired info.

Ice Bath Killer

Concept: “‘You woke up in a bath of ice And they’d removed an organ!... Was it expensive?’ ‘It was natural!’”
Content: A gig to investigate organs stolen by a group of purists.
Writing: Plenty of details surrounding the job–people, places, motives–and guidance as to how a GM might want to approach it in different ways.
Art/Design: Trifold pamphlet layout in white and neon colors on black, with NPC portraits and a map of a key location. An additional page of player handouts is included (breaking news and a simple map of the district).
Usability: Different kinds of content are distinguishable by color and ‘box’ shape, with bolded and colored labels to call attention to key details. A few blocks of text are angled and rasterized, but vast majority of text is selectable/searchable. Map is helpfully overlaid with room/space details in each room/space.


Concept: “Another day, another run-in with an unknown street gang. A little shootout leads to an offer you can't refuse. ‘Just get the job done, and you never need to hear from us again.’”
Content: A job to track down a high-tech and highly desirable medical device stolen by an unknown gang of street punks.
Writing: Focused attention on unfolding events to guide a GM through the adventure, with supporting details about involved NPCs and their motivations to act.
Art/Design: Trifold brochure layout with white/yellow on back complemented by neon colors and specific font choices for headings, maps, and NPC stat blocks. Several NPC portrait illustrations provided as well. Final showdown map creatively places each room description in that room on the map. Two player-facing handouts/notes are included on an additional page.
Usability: Visually distinct colors, shapes, and orientations help identify how different kinds of content function in relation to the others. Most text is embedded for easy searching/selecting, although a few content blocks are not, which might momentarily complicate an attempt to select that text
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