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Philip Jensen


Concept: ”The VR Café is owned by Lotta and Perr, a hardworking couple that, strapped for cash, went to Örken, who agreed to relieve them of their debt. In return he now runs an underground operation stealing children’s imagination to create CREATIVITY_JOURNEY--v4 a drug sold under the counter.”
Content: A seedy VR cafe that’s so much sketchier than it appears–and only maybe will the punks be ready for the trouble that awaits.
Writing: Lots of flavorful sensory descriptions of the goings-on in each room of the cafe that helps immerse players into the situation.
Art/Design: Left third of the page is an overview of the locale and potential reasons for being there, while the remaining space on the page has a map with labels and room-specific information.
Usability: High-contrast text and bolded labels and distinct headings make reading and navigation easy, supported by lines to map areas (with a particularly ingenious staircase-shaped line connecting the upstairs office to its details).
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