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Ian SerVaas

D100 things you find in CY_

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Concept: ”As you roam the streets of CY_ you see something. It's shiny, a little dirty. As you remove the garbage surrounding it you realise it's a: 23: Lost shoe with 1D4 toes inside. 35: RFID card with the locale company card’s name on it. 75: Spray paint. Colour label reads “Rotblack”. Get a fun and slightly silly D100 table of stuff you can find in the city CY_.”
Content: A table of assorted valuables, junk, and the miscellanea in-between that might be discovered in CY.
Writing: Concise description complemented with the occasional introspective element or quirky voice that reminds the reader of the game and world at hand.
Art/Design: Table provided as three primary columns of content: a left-aligned list of items (#s 1-50), a center set with the table name and author credits, and a right-aligned list (#s 51-100). The list columns are black on white, with the central column’s scheme inverted, while horizontal black bars stretch from the center in either direction to fill the white space in each list item line.
Usability: Overall layout of page allows for relatively easy navigation/perusal to desired content. Consistent presentation of content in each major column aids with comprehension and use of table and its entries.


Concept: “Deep beneath CY lies the abandoned subway system, that was carved from the toxic earth by ancient and blackened technocratic mole machines branded with the sigil of Alliansen inc. A caliginous place filled with misfits, filthy vagrants, and whatever makes that fucking noise in G0, A grim network of fever dreams, unknown spore cvlts, rogue Ais and reality-bending technology. You will die here, horribly.”
Content: A set of NPCs, factions, locations, plot hooks, rules, tables of all sorts, equipment, and classes (the “Batshit Chaos Punk,” the “Archaic Stranger,” the “Derelict Street Fighter,” the “Symbiotic Sage,” the “Hyperjunky Chemist,” and the “Grafted Herald”), all of which are focused on the subway environment/ecosystem existing beneath CY. 
Writing: A plethora of imaginative detail to entice and disturb would-be subterranean explorers. The classes in particular provide a clear and intriguing means of connecting a punk to one of the organizations making its abode in the subway tunnels.
Art/Design: A variety of distinct spreads that make use of messy illustrations, ASCII art maps, glitch aesthetics, and bright colors with a variety of typefaces.
Usability: Much of the content is provided in high contrast and embedded text for easy visual readability–headings are frequently the most difficult (and non-embedded) elements to decipher. The book is organized by content type, facilitating easy navigation to the desired info (locations, classes, etc.).
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