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Oberon's DivaStation

Concept: “A small nightclub with a proprietor you must gain the trust of, then kill. Life here is brutal and pointless. Roll the dice, Drink, and Imbibe.”
Content: A gig to kill a club owner.
Writing: Text is mostly atmospheric, including music playing at the club, a drink menu, a drink effects table, a loot table, and a small handful of NPC stats. 
Art/Design: Busy pages with lots of bright colors on gray backgrounds, with text and background illustrations, that all together reflect the tone of the mission and feel like a visual representation of the nightclub environment. A labeled map of the club is also provided.
Usability: Variety in font choices, colors, sizes, and positioning (such as over a busy background image/pattern) can drastically affect the reading experience. Text is not embedded, so searching/selecting is not possible.
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