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The Gonzo GM


Concept: "’Some desperate Alliansen admin put out a plea to rescue her AI program. Not sure why she doesn't just use company muscle to get it back, but she's promisin' the reward of "anything within her abilities," so here we are. Hope ya brought your earplugs though, cuz the goons that stole it are LOUD.’”
Content: A mission to recover an AI stolen by musicians.
Writing: Concise bursts of info to guide a GM toward notable encounters and fitting atmosphere.
Art/Design: Red and blue on black, with an aesthetic that mixes graffiti/tagging with software terminals, arranged in mostly one- and two-column layouts. A map of target location is provided in pink.
Usability: Consistent presentation of content elements throughout the document, making visual identification of headings etc. very easy. However, text is not embedded so no searching or selecting is possible.


Concept: “A gnashing, winged nightmare that lurks where the pines grow. A rogue A.I. with a cybernetic body and a deer-like skull. A thing that should not exist and cannot be killed.”
Content: A destructive monster to deceive and potentially devour a party of punks.
Writing: Brief, intriguing features and stats and an extensive back story to situate the creature (or its urban legend) within CY.
Art/Design: Title page includes a neon pink-and-purple illustration of the devil, while page two includes text content in a single-column layout. Main version of the supplement includes color and font highlights, while an accessible version does not.
Usability: In both versions of the supplement, specific kinds and sections of content are recognizable and easily distinguishable from others.


Concept: “An Heir of Kergoz has cracked a forbidden code and is using a coterie of childlike CYDROIDS™ to bring out the end times. It's up to you to hunt him down in his keep at the edge of G0 and end this madness.”
Content: A job involving a doomsday ritual that needs to be interrupted/prevented, presented in one of a number of different ways (via the parameters of Phil’s TTRPG Layout Jam 2023). 
Writing: Several key variables have been tweaked from the default adventure copy to more seamlessly integrate the adventure into CY. 
Art/Design: Presentation reflects an early Atari-style video game map/booklet layout with black-on-white scheme (and occasional blood spatter), with each room’s description/contents provided in text beside the location map where the relevant room has been highlighted in gray.
Usability: Font choices and contrast make for visual readability (although some text is quite small, such as the content in gray call-out boxes beneath some maps). However, text is not embedded, so searching or selecting text is unavailable.
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