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Walton Wood


Concept: “An Heir of Kergoz has cracked a forbidden code and is using a coterie of childlike CYDROIDS™ to bring out the end times. It's up to you to hunt him down in his keep at the edge of G0 and end this madness.”
Content: A job involving a doomsday ritual that needs to be interrupted/prevented, presented in one of a number of different ways (via the parameters of Phil’s TTRPG Layout Jam 2023). 
Writing: Several key variables have been tweaked from the default adventure copy to more seamlessly integrate the adventure into CY. 
Art/Design: Presentation reflects an early Atari-style video game map/booklet layout with black-on-white scheme (and occasional blood spatter), with each room’s description/contents provided in text beside the location map where the relevant room has been highlighted in gray.
Usability: Font choices and contrast make for visual readability (although some text is quite small, such as the content in gray call-out boxes beneath some maps). However, text is not embedded, so searching or selecting text is unavailable.

Nuclear God-Lizard

Concept: “A 120-meter-tall monster emerges from the waters around Cy. Its behavior baffles scientists and officials; it isn’t hunting or nesting, it just moves.”
Content: A scenario for surviving the onslaught of an unstoppable roving apocalypse.
Writing: Focused, direct descriptions of a wide range of relevant factors (from available subplots to environmental obstacles to military actions) provide GMs with an immersive adventure/experience for their players.
Art/Design: Current ashcan edition has a simple, barebones layout subject to change when more art assets are finalized. 
Usability: Different kinds of content are immediately distinguishable, high-contrast fore/ground colors assist accessibility, and navigation through the document is incredibly easy.
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