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Matthew Pfister

Tim Is of the Essence

Concept: “Run. Shoot. Steal. Lie. It doesn't matter what you do, just find Tim! He's the key to something bigger than all of us. The corpos want him quieted. He's gotta be in the Negapike. I know, I know. The hell hole in between Cy and the NegaCity. Don't worry, you'll be fine, I left you the keys to the B34S7. Fire it up. Be quick about it, you only have 2 hours.”
Content: A mission to extract your pal Tim from an armored carrier somewhere on the tangled roadways of the Negapike. 
Writing: A simple premise with inspired contours and complications to make the rescue attempt all the trickier. Tables provide variety in mission background and random events.
Art/Design: Mix of layouts reflects different general purposes: target vehicle, job specifics, Negapike details, tables. Mostly light-on-dark color schemes, with blueprints of armored carrier and Negapike aerial view serving as primary graphic elements. With tables rendered as UNIX man pages on a CRT display.
Usability: Organization facilitates understanding the relationship of different pages’ content. Most text is visually readable (font choice, text size, contrast) and searchable/selectable, although the latter is not so for text on pages with a CRT display aesthetic.
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