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Gray Tide

Mechanical Cannibal

Concept: “They Own Everyone. Cybertech was marketed as a revolution. Each new installation : security, improvement, an edge, PROMOTION. Then you found your first backdoor. These technologies were a leash, not liberation. Reborn as a true revolutionary. Now you jailbreak and reverse engineer corp tech. If you have to, you’ll rip the implants right from the CEO’s skull.”
Content: A class for the body mod-loving insurgent.
Writing: Flavor oozes from every pixel on the screen and is interwoven masterfully with the provided class mechanics.
Art/Design: Distinctive font and color choices frame an atmospheric depiction of a mechanical cannibal character mid-scavenge. Spread is impressive in both “Print Killer” and “Ink Vegan” versions.
Usability: Layout offers easily distinguishable content and splashes of red call attention to assorted elements/mechanics.

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