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Concept: “A group of rich fucks kidnaps vulnerable, poor, and homeless, forcibly data-rips their minds to mint NFTs of them. Those suit fuckers keep them as trophies, trapping their concsciousness in a neverending digital nightmare. In the attachment there are the coordinates to one of their rip-labs. Infiltrate it, find the access keys to their mainframe, and let us in. We can end the victims’ suffering. There might still be survivors – help them. Kill any suit and pig in sight, they’re all in on this. Do this and we will erase your debt. Cross us and we will erase your life. Do well and you will hear from us again. Show no mercy. Your answer Y/N:”
Content: An adventure that offers players a chance to be “heroic” through relentless vengeance. 
Writing: Tons of incredible details that flesh out the adventure, from room descriptions to soda machine choices to the results from various PC ability checks. There’s a staggering amount to work with here.
Art/Design: Each page is an eye-watering burst of psychedelic glitch/digital art that mixes with overhead map layouts and informative blocks of text. There's never any doubt this is a CY_Borg adventure, to be sure.
Usability: The psychedelic color scheme/aesthetic can be overwhelming to some, and there are occasionally text blocks that might be a bit difficult to read, but overwhelmingly each page works really well to communicate important information through text and graphics (maps, monster blueprints, etc.) with a visual grammar that can be picked up quickly if one’s willing to take the initial effort