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Gods of Greed

Concept: “Deep within the bowels of the city's more affluent districts lies a prominent spire, a shard of rot upon a dying city.  The Richter foundation is a deplorable and ravenous organisation that exploits the poor and the sick for profits and gain. Their most recent business model saw them open a rift in dimensions and unleash a torrent of tentacled monsters that sent the general populace insane. The party of easily exploitable fodder are sent in with a corrupt floppy disk to close the rift and send those evil sods back to where they came!”
Content: An adventure that melds Lovecraftian nightmare fuel with a corporate heist/infiltration opportunity. The included “Action Hero” class serves as a perfect means of tackling this endeavor.
Writing: Inspiration-packed descriptions of locations, environmental factors, NPCs, mechanics, and more abound to bring this scenario to life.
Art/Design: Numerous art styles and layouts provide numerous opportunities for engagement with compelling ideas.
Usability: Variety of fonts, page arrangements, and color schemes may make quick skimming/navigation difficult at moments but each page and spread calls attention to important elements for the reader to focus on.