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Concept: “Across CY prayers are whispered through rotting lips to a demoniac God of rotting flesh and the things that grow and squirm within it. The lines between machinery and mortality are gnawed through and collapse; heartbeats meld with motors in a morass of meat and metal barely distinguishable from each other.”
Content: A cathedral’s worth of faith-powered enemies with which to unleash pestilence and disease on a table of punks.
Writing: Potent descriptions of each kind of NPC are accompanied by thematically apt mechanics, each more disturbing than the last. Tables of names, targets, treasure/loot, and potential NPC quotes are also provided.
Art/Design: Primarily single-column black text on white background, with a full-color digital collage image on the cover page.
Usability: While different sections of the document differ stylistically, each section has a consistent visual organization/grammar that makes it easy to navigate (heading/label placement and emphasis, whitespace use, etc.). High contrast black-on-white and readable fonts allow for quick and accurate location of desired info.