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Inky - A Hellbeast for Cy_Borg

Concept: “Stupid. Tough. Dripping black ink that sizzles the ground. They track by scent and taste. Their spikes crackle with demonic energy. Get close and you are leaving the mortal coil sans a head. C.A.U’s animal experiments have a bone to pick. It’s yours.”
Content: A snarling demon-creature that will not only bite the hand that feeds but it’ll chow down on the entire arm.
Writing: Hilariously dark description of the creature alongside brief and menacing stats/mechanics.
Art/Design: Two-page spread emphasizing a hellbeast and the creature’s name, with supporting text on the bottom of the left page.
Usability: High-contrast text condensed in one area minimizes browsing the entire spread for details, but the text is not embedded (so not searchable/copyable or accessible as a result).