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Jailbroken Styles

Concept: “Characters die quickly, doesn't mean they shouldn't be special. The concept behind this expansion is to take the original styles present at character generation in Cy_Borg and give them a mechanical bonus. Some are more crunchy, some add flavor and some are brand new!”
Content: Seven pages of assorted punk styles that also provide a variety of mechanical effects.
Writing: Concise descriptions and explanations of style benefits/effects alongside similarly brief but potent style labels (e.g., “cadavercore,” “cybercrust,” “neurotripper”). 
Art/Design: Each page includes multiple rows of style labels and descriptions, with each exuding its own visual aesthetic (font choices, color choices, background patterns or relevant images, etc.) to create full-page effects that resemble walls plastered with numerous flyers or screens crammed with assorted ads.
Usability: Most of the text is high-contrast and in visually distinct and recognizable sections, creating an easier navigation experience than the busy pages might initially suggest. However, files are provided as .png files, so text content is not embedded (so no searching or selecting text).
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