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JunkDrive #1: Expanded Cover-Jacket Tables for CY_BORG

Concept: “This supplement takes the four tables found on the cover-jacket pages of CY_BORG and expands them, doubling the options available when combined with those provided by the core book.”
Content: A set of tables (names, weather, pocket lint, infestetd items) to provide more options/results for GMs looking to bring their table’s version of Cy to life.
Writing: A wide range of appropriately flavorful results and details (some purely thematic, some with mechanical effects).
Art/Design: Black-on-yellow mostly single-column text design. The cover page includes an image of a skull and spine that appear to be mechanically augmented.
Usability: Text is high-contrast in a readable font, while headings and labels are consistently provided in visually distinct ways (text size, bolding, etc.).