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Concept: “A cavalcade of the bizarre and horrid in the wretched metropolis of CY. Within you'll find pirate lords, eldritch entities of the deep NET, kill-games champions, floating fortresses with maniac overseers, dangerous prototype cyberdecks, collectivist agitators, and worse still than that in this cross-section of the endless end of days in the city of CY.”
Content: A smorgasbord of assorted content, from enemies/acquaintances–physical and digital alike–to cyberdecks to locations to to overheard quotes to a new class (“The Last Ideologue”).
Writing: Terse mechanical explanations are consistently complemented by vivid in-universe descriptions that can aid both GMs and players in imagining and making use of the subject at hand.
Art/Design: Single-column black-on-white text throughout, with some differing font choices for headings/labels of distinct sections.
Usability: High-contrast text, visually readable fonts (with one purposeful exception), and a recognizable organization for layout makes for successful perusal and use of the document.