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SIS/TR: Hang the DJ

Concept: “SIS/TR [Starborn Invasion System / Turret Regenerator] is a mini boss that you can drop into any Cy_Borg setting and cause nearly limitless havoc.
Half Operating Manual / Half Setting 
The first half of the book has Cy_Borg stats for SIS/TR's main body (the big black cube) and its five turrets (smaller cubes). If you want to adapt SIS/TR to your own campaign or setting, you can have it mangling people in minutes.
The Setting - HANG THE DJ
Famous DJ Ronnie Fissure's live-in sound studio / office has been invaded by SIS/TR for reasons unknown to the half-dead staff. Service droids dance--sparking and smoking--by themselves. On top of its many attacks, SIS/TR has turned itself into a towering mixtape of terror, deploying deafening LRADs, streams of molten vinyl records, and bowel-emptying bass.”
Content: A combination of a malevolent technological enemy, with a variety of detailed stats, tactics, and scenarios; a more extensive mission to save a DJ from the techno-threat; and two “subclasses,” the “Emancipated Companion” and the “Haunted Assassin,” both of which have ties, atmospherically and mechanically, to the SIS/TR entity.
Writing: Helpfully informative explanations throughout to ease initial use of the SIS/TR mechanics conceptually and in practice (via the “Hang the DJ” scenario). 
Art/Design: Primarily black on white/light multicolored backgrounds in single- and double-column content layouts. Illustrations of NPCs, locations/maps, equipment, and SIS/TR components complement the text on numerous pages.
Usability: Text is easily readable and navigable throughout, with high-contrast and embedded text and font choices that facilitate visual and screen reading experiences. SIS/TR mechanics (based on d6 dice results/faces) involve some detail for initial employment but should become easy to pick up quickly.